Mothers gunned down in Chicago during anti-crime street vigil

Two mothers in Chicago have been killed in a drive-by shooting as they stood on a street corner in an effort to deter gun violence.

Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were volunteers for Mothers Against Senseless Killings and had been camped out at the corner to prevent conflict.

They were shot on Friday evening by the occupants of a blue SUV. No arrests have yet been made.

This is pretty unreal. Note too, imo, where the shooting deaths are really happening is not so much with the mass shootings that make the news and truly capture everyone’s attention, that’s fine that it does that but more so, the shooting deaths seem to be more about cities but they also occur in rural parts of America. I was just reading something about it. I guess, the BBC just published this about an hour ago. It must have happened last Friday night.

Someone should introduce a few cats to Baltimore and Chicago.

More than enough to go around!

Maybe one or two at the WH as well.

A fact check is in order.

How clever you are, would have never known.

If these mothers were actually killed for their stance against violence, its not unlike the beginnings of the violent revolutions of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Proponents of violent armed revolution absolutely hate anyone who counters them with ideas of peace.

These people who perpetrated this crime need to be found as quickly as possible and put behind bars. I guess if it turns out to be a federal crime the question becomes does it warrant the death penalty assuming there is no doubt with the conviction and no extenuating circumstances etc.?

On what grounds do you think this would be a federal crime? Unless it somehow falls under a hate crime statute (like if the occupants of the SUV were white supremacists) I’m not seeing how it wouldn’t be just another awful drive-by in an area that has them regularly.

I think you are right in your analysis that it will not be a federal crime. It was more a thought exercise on my part. As you say the only way it could be a federal crime (that I am aware of) is through race or gender (in this case). I don’t agree with the concept of ‘federal hate crimes’ but I concur the crime is unlikely to be of this category in the very sad and unGodly case we are discussing.

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