Mother's joy over new-born baby son after trauma of failed abortion

A YOUNG Scots mother has given birth to a beautiful baby boy despite her attempts to have him aborted during pregnancy.

Vicky Harper, who had two children already, made the heartbreaking decision to terminate her unborn son because she feared she could not cope with an addition to her brood.

But the hospital procedure did not go to plan, and to her shock and delight she has given birth to the boy, Jack, who is already proving to be a great source of joy.

Hello “pro-choice” people! Isn’t this a better outcome?

If you’re still fuzzy on the matter … it ***IS! ***

Welcome “Jack”. The law protects you now. I should think.

Not to rain on the parade, but I pray that this beautiful boy doesn’t find out later in life that he’s literally a failed abortion. :frowning: :frowning:

He’s literally a human being.

I didn’t say otherwise…? :shrug:

I think that has actually already happened.

I don’t understand…

That little baby’s mother and picture is already all over the Internet. There’s no hiding the fact that this little kid will find out he was a failed abortion attempt.

Oh I see, thanks for explaining.

It’s possible that he will see this photo/story out there, but this story could help save a life or lives.

I’m not saying this boy necessarily will, but there have been abortion survivors who have gone on to be pro-life advocates like Gianna Jesson. They can provide a pro-life witness in a very different way than most can.

In the article the mom explains that she plans to discuss the fact that she was planning to terminate his existence when he’s old enough to understand.

I’ll pray that she is cognizant of the fact that the information is out there readily seen by the world and that she has the ability to shelter that information somehow before he’s ready to hear the news.

Commencing prayer to Our Lady…now.

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