'Motivated' by FIREFLY ~ for fans of FIREFLY + SERENITY

I wish it was a bit slower but its pretty darn good and brings back some great memories of the best TV show ever cancelled.

Enjoy :thumbsup:

YouTube - Motivated by Firefly

And for those of you who have never watched (or Heaven forbid heard of) the TV show Firefly I would strongly recommend you take a trip to the movie rental store, or check out Netflicks, and rent the series. Only 14 episodes exist, plus a feature length motion picture that came later named SERENITY. Great stuff.

My husband likes them, so I have watched them, but I really failed to see anything “motivating” in them, other than a motivation to watch the rest of them. Please tell me what good you find in them.

Great show and equally as good movie. I hope they decide to keep making more films.

The original cast has moved on. The original ship has probably been disassembled. But there are some fan based movies in the works. I believe the first movie to hit is **Browncoats Redemption **and it is a fan film being made to benefit the charities favored by the original cast and has a lot of support from the folks involved in the original series. LINK > > > browncoatsmovie.com/

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