Motivation for going to Latin Mass

Is it possible to get a group of like-minded parishioners to ask your priest if he can celebrate an EF Mass?

This is what it says in Summorum Pontificum

“In parishes where a group of the faithful attached to the previous liturgical tradition stably exists, the parish priest should willingly accede to their requests to celebrate Holy Mass according to the rite of the 1962 Roman Missal. He should ensure that the good of these members of the faithful is harmonized with the ordinary pastoral care of the parish, under the governance of the bishop in accordance with Canon 392, avoiding discord and favouring the unity of the whole Church.“


As others have said I would try alternating weekends giving yourself a little break from driving so far.

To place it into perspective, @TheDumbFox I travel 40-50 minutes weekly and more frequently to attend EF Mass on certain feast days, I know of others in the parish who travel 2 hours to EF mass. My local parish is only 5 minutes away. I also do a lot of driving that is work related but find the time driving to TLM has been lucrative in preparing for Mass.

As @Catholic21 recommended if you are really keen then petition for an EF mass at your current Parrish. It is a long process and could cause a stir (which it should but does) If it doesn’t work then keep petitioning. We are currently petitioning for a regular local EF Mass at the moment. Fish Eaters has a link with sound recommendations and links.

Good luck!


I’m not saying she wouldn’t be but, at the same time, she’s all I have to work with. Unlike some large parishes, I don’t have a paid music co-ordinator or a music budget. Anything new has to be within her ability to play, and she would need to to learn it and become confident with it - which of course would have to be fitted in around the other things she does outside of music ministry (what’s generally called life). Don’t get me wrong, I would love a choir, organ and all of that but unless and until people step up then I have to work with what I have. Ultimately, music is just one of many things I have to juggle in running the parish so, I would say to anyone who doesn’t like the music in their parish, get involved yourself - don’t leave it all up to your priests to take care of.


Thanks for the response. I do understand exactly what you are saying. I meant no disrespect in my previous post.

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Eat what tastes good - St Teresa of Avila

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Maybe there is also some other alternative?

Check out other parishes that are closer to home. Maybe there is something somewhere that maybe doesn’t have the same liturgical perfection but at least sings from a hymn book you approve of and maybe does bits of the mass in Latin.

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I have been to TLM and all kind of NO Masses. I think it is important to keep focus on Christ and remember that no matter what Mass you choose to attend, Christ’s Holy Sacrifice and Presence in the Eucharist is still the same. When I hear people that would rather not attend Mass if it is not available a specific form of Mass, I think the form of Mass is becoming an idol.

I love the Latin Mass. Me and my wife attend it once a month since the closest parish that has The Latin Mass is about a half an hour drive. I would recommend you do the same if distance is a factor. 30 minutes is not far but I do not want to drive it every Sunday.


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