Motivation to exercise and faith?

I was doing OK with my exercise and weight loss plan at the beginning of this pandemic. Now, not so much. Does anyone in this boat find their faith helpful as a motivation to exercise in some way? Improve discouragement?

Could use some tips here!

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I think, if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19), we should be really cautious on how we treat it.


I can recommend book called “The Daniel Plan” by Rick Warren. Rick Warren is a mega church pastor out in California I believe. It’s not Catholic, but I found it integrated the Christian faith with weight loss pretty well, and even found it motivating and inspiring. He co-wrote it with a couple physicians, and It’s on for about $8, paperback.

Honestly, any insight or tips I’d be able to give you I’d just be paraphrasing that book. So I’d rather point you to my source, since he does it much better than I can.

Chapter 1 from the book:

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It’s really good idea.
It’s also useful.
Weight loose make the people younger and healthier :blush:

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My motivation is rooted in my Catholic faith: I feel guilty if I don’t exercise. :grin:

I have no tricks or secrets for it. You just have to get up and do it no matter how much you despise even the thought of it. There is no other way.

Do you keep an exercise journal? That in itself can help keep you moving.

Are you/were you making progress? One of the top reasons people drop out is because they don’t see progress. The top reason they don’t see progress is because they don’t push themselves hard enough.

However, there are days when simply moving a little is better than not moving at all. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


I would suggest setting a goal for yourself and it doesn’t have to be so specific like running a 5k or following some sort of schedule. You can find lots of resources online!

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Good day!
I hope that you are doing well during the pandemic. I would like to share 6 simple exercises that will help to exercise your faith:

#1 Read the Bible - Meditate in God’s word and you will know a lot of things about God.

#2 See God’s creation - Know how powerful and beautiful God is. Maybe from your window or listen to the birds chirp.

#3 Listen on a very relaxing music - This will make you stress free I would like to share the Jesuit Music of Bukas Palad from the Philippines, It has Lauds and Vespers.

#4 Bond with your family - It helps a lot to know more of each other.

#5 Know yourself - What are the gifts and graces which you receive on this year? It could be a long vacation with family.

#6 Be Positive! - God is with us so enjoy this long vacation with positiveness and love for God!

I hope that you’ll enjoy and do well during this pandemic. It will be memorable for everyone because God gave a long time to enjoy and know many things about ourselves. Let us also pray for the recovery of patients.

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I haven’t read it, but have heard interviews by the author and think it may provide motivation.

I probably should get a copy for myself.

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