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I’ve been baptized Orthodox but I attend a Catholic parish due to proximity. I’ve informed our priest today that I’m thinking about entering into communion with Rome but after the conversation we’ve had I’m questioning my motives. I guess that is because I am young, stupid, shy and have had a bad day. I thought I’d ask if my thought process is questionable. I’ve identified three reasons for me wanting to join in communion with Rome and if these wouldn’t be the “right” reasons so to say please tell me as I don’t want to do anything prematurely.

  1. Personal attachment: I simply really never had any significant contact with the Orthodox church and feel a certain attachment to the Catholic church. I know feelings don’t mean much but it is one of my reasons I’ve received Communion more times in a Catholic Church than in an Orthodox one and I haven’t received in a Catholic Church that many times.

  2. Agreeing with the main logical argument: It is the church of Peter and Matthew 16:16-20 makes clear a certain primacy of Peter in my view of it. The Eastern church split because of very political reasons (opinion)

  3. A mild dislike for the original option: I’ll admit I have a very mild dislike for Orthodoxy. I think it is much more a national institution than it religious. Besides I was technically not supposed to be receiving sacraments in a Catholic and I would probably be excommunicated if an Orthodox priest found out. Besides, there’s a bunch of disagreements that I find to be mere word fights (although I can’t pretend to understand them massively well).

And if I do decide to go ahead with this some questions for those of you who know more. They’re kind of open-ended but thanks for any answers

Context note: (I live in a very sparsely populated area and am very hard pressed in terms of time. I’ve been told today about something to do with meeting a lady and discussing it for several weeks. That’s fair enough there’s no point in rushing anything but I also travel quite a lot by certain standards and my presence in one place or another is always a bit uncertain.)

  1. What must I know? (aka info I should have before discussing anything)

  2. How much time would it take? (is 3/4 weeks a correct approximation or am I being super optimistic?)

  3. What should I expect? (I get really excessively nervous and shy around people sometimes so I kinda want to know ahead what tone to expect, what questions, attitude, etc)

  4. Is there a point to it? I’m basically Catholic in everything but name. I don’t find a teaching of Rome that I don’t agree with/accept (so far) and I don’t frequent Orthodox communities and essentially follow Catholic rules (that means fasting on Fridays only and finding out technically the Orthodox do that on Wednesdays as well a couple seconds ago). So what does saying the Creed in a church once add? I know I’d be added to the Eastern Catholic branch so that makes even less of a difference in a sense.

So should I dismiss this idea as a youthful need for needless innovation and impatience or should I go along with it? Many thanks. :slight_smile:


You say you informed “our” priest. Roman Catholic, or Orthodox? Your post leads me to believe it is a RCC priest. Also, what is your age? If you are a teen, I think a significant number of priests are wary of encouraging people of a young age to come to the RCC without parents, family, etc. The reasons you state seem quite legitimate (no offense to the Orthodox meant), and I wonder if I am correct about the age being a factor.
Given your post, my advice would be to continue to go the the church of your choice, pray and listen to the Mass, especially the Creed, and if after a time, you continue to feel the pull toward Rome, act on it. You are baptized and I imagine have received the sacraments in the Greek tradition; I would think you are fine with the Lord and with a little patience and continued prayer and reflection, the truth will come. Give it a little time. And pray and listen to God. He has a tendency to speak quietly.
A prayer said for your intentions and the happy resolution of your conflicting feelings.


Yes go through with it.
#2 is especially relevant.
#1 is wishy washy but still is important.
#3 is also wishy washy but still important.

Ask to attend RCIA classes. Don’t let your enthusiasm be curbed.


No. I don’t think so. It sounds as though you’re home. You might want to talk to the Pastor about the time thing. Maybe he can make your schedule easier or make arrangements for you.


My only concern is that as an Orthodox Christian, you enter the Eastern Catholic Church that corresponds to your Orthodox Church. If you want to become Roman Catholic, there will be additional steps involved. In the end it may not matter if you are Greek Catholic or whatever since you can attend Mass in any Catholic parish.

Since you are already fully initiated you will not repeat baptism or confirmation. You also don’t go through the rites of RCIA. You simply make a profession of faith. That’s why you won’t need months or more to prepare.


I should say point number 2, believing in the primacy of Peter, would settle the issue for you to become Catholic. Since you are already a believing Catholic, you only need to enter into the Church. Continue to talk to the priest and ask for his advice on how to go about it in your parish. Welcome home.


All one needs is three words. One. True. Faith. Need I say more? :man_shrugging:


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