Motu Proprio Effective Date Party Ideas

So, there are some friends of mine who are excited about Summorum Pontificum, and we are having a party on Friday to commemorate the occasion of the MP’s implementation. Though there is not a TLM slated to begin in this area, we are hopeful that it will eventually get here.

In the meantime, we are brainstorming ideas about what to do for the party. We want activities that are relevant to the occasion. Of course, we are going to watch the EWTN broadcast (someone will tape it), and we are going to chat about the future and how we can organize a tradtional group to ask for a TLM. We are bringing different types of missals for everyone to compare so that when the time comes, they will have chosen what missal they want. Many are going to Daily Mass (Novus Ordo) in a spirit of thanksgiving.

However, I am curious what other people would do for fun at a Motu Proprio party.

No creative people out there with great party activity ideas?

Have everyone come dressed up as their favorite saint.
Serve cheeto cheese ball rosaries.
Listen to chant REALLY loud and headbang to it.
Watch the Mass Friday evening, and then follow it up with Shoes of the Fisherman, Bells of Saint Mary,Going My Way, or other fun Catholic movies.

Or, pin the veil on the statue of Mary? No, wait, that’s the May crowning…*Please forgive me. That was a stinker. *

Oy, here I am, at your beckoning. :wink:

Decorations could include a wall rosary made of silk flowers, or a “wall scapular.”

Here goes: I would host either a family-style dinner, like Thanksgiving. I would decorate with wheat and grapes and signs of harvest. I would celebrate with reverence for each other and the MP, but not with streamers or hats. I would focus on family, in a family-style atmosphere: we are all children of God.

After the watching the video, however, I would play an abbreviated version of “Who Wants to be an Apologist.”

Make three full decks of flash cards with three types of questions: easy, medium, and difficult. The cards should have the questions written in marker (as large as possible on the card), while the answer is written in small print upside-down, on the bottom, in pencil. Or, you can write them in Q&A format, provided that the opposing team can’t see the answer.

The easy ones are worth one point, the second two points, the third is worth five points (Jimmy Akin style, heh heh). Easier questions would include, “Saint Luke is the patron saint of what?” or, “Finish the following prayer: Eternal rest, grant…” Oh, and be sure to look at the Catholic Answers Live Radio Archives to listen to old shows. Those questions would be fabulous.

The Team A asks the Team B an easy question first, then a medium one, then a hard one. The teams take turns in asking questions. Go up to 10? 15? rounds. You decide.

There’s also a version when you choose the best two to square off.

And gifts for your guests? Perhaps at each setting you can place a sacramental like we’d get in parochial school. I’m especially partial to the idea of a Eucharist pin, since it’s unisex.

Prayer cards! Like kids used to get back in the day, for answering things right.

Exactly! I asked someone at work and they said that if it’s a group of friends who meet regularly, perhaps they could actually build cards to a triial pursuit game! Can you imagine how fun that would be? (Yes, I am a home crafter and I am a geek.)

How about…Catholic Pictionary? That would be so fun!

Oh, and about the decorations, almose anything from a party store relating to First Communion would be nice.

I am sorry that you haven’t received more replies in your thread; are you going to decorate at all?

Motu Proprio Party agenda
Watch the EWTN High Mass
Watch an old Catholic film
Have a formal banquet with coat and tie with Gregorian Chant in the background
Sing the Te Deum at the end of the party

Perhaps if you go outside and sing, you can pray the the first day of the year indulgence will be transferred to you! :wink:

Compoletely unrelated to the MP (I think), but Friday is the youth group kick-off here.

It’s worth a little bit of a celebration, isn’t it?

When our new papa was elected, I ordered take out. Submarine sandwiches. I think we’ll do something like that…Costco has some very nice party platters.

I think we’ll skip the religious games, though. That sounds too silly for me.
Pax Christi,

Follow-up to the party:

Watched EWTN re-airing the TLM and subsequent interview with Archbp, Burke
Looked at all the missals everyone had brought and compared
Talked long into the night about liturgy, theology, etc… which was great because most of the guys are liturgical junkies and one has a degree from the JPII Institute.

Thanks for the suggestions eveyrone.

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