Mourners at Mobster Sam Calautti's Catholic Funeral Told of Power of Repentance

In this article one of the largest daily newspapers in Canada reports on the Toronto funeral of what it identifies as a Mafia hit man, who was just murdered himself. This event was marked by the fact that the priest, speaking of the criminals executed alongside Christ, said that the souls of criminals can be saved if they repent, though, as this article plainly indicates, the Mafia colleagues of the deceased were there.

Excellent speech given by the priest.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

God will accomplish His will and bring goodness from evil.

So can a hitman simply confess to his parish priest after each murder, receive absolution then communion, and be in a state of grace?

Only if he resolves to “sin no more” - that is, no more murders. Your question is like the belief of many anti-Catholics, that confession clears the slate so we can sin again.

I’m not anti-Catholic, and I think it is more the belief of many a Catholic mafia member, otherwise how could they do what they do? One should be able to expect a Catholic to be primarily Christian in behavior. One cannot have this expectation of mafia members.

Not an answer…just some thoughts for your consideration…

Two sides of the same “Coin”…Grace and Mercy…that “Coin” is God. We can and should expect the righteous behavior of all Christians and non-Christians also (because God has given all Men–male and female–His Natural Law).

But how could these Mafia criminals do what they do?..


1865 Sin creates a proclivity to sin; it engenders vice by repetition of the same acts. This** results in perverse inclinations which cloud conscience and corrupt the concrete judgment of good and evil.** Thus sin tends to reproduce itself and reinforce itself, but it cannot destroy the moral sense at its root.

So we/they will be held accountable…and since as Christians…sin, my sins and their mafia sins, are a “cancer” in the Body of Christ…and all Christians (properly baptized)…are members of the Body of Christ…it is in our best interest…to Pray, to Fast, and to give alms to the poor…in penance for all sin…especially our own personal sins. We should be praying the Rosary daily in reparation for sins, conversion of sinners and for the salvation of souls…as well as all the poor souls in Purgatory. This “prescription”…has to be a daily effort…and doing so, takes away the greater sin…judging others…in this life…and their final disposition with God at the moment of their death.

Lastly, the only difference between me and that mafia hit man…is grace…which is totally a gift from God…without God’s graces…I could make that mafia man…look like a saint…an angel. We should never take for granted our “goodness” to the exclusion of remembering the evil and darkness that lurks in our soul…in the souls of all Men.

Pax Christi

We don’t know if he ever went to confession. We don’t know if he even believed anything the Catholic Church teaches. All we know is that his family asked for a Catholic funeral. For all we know, there could be killers who identify as Lutheran, Baptist, or even Pentacostal!

Being a member of any church doesn’t mean one is living a Christian life.

I wonder how many times he confessed murders, yet murdered again.

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