Mourning our missing kitty


One of our cats, Sammy has been missing since April 25. He went out with the other cats and never came home. We’ve contacted the local animal shelters, put up flyers, and talked to neighbors, but no Sammy. We’ve prayed, of course. I guess I just wanted a bit of sympathy/empathy from my friends here on CAF. Thanks.


Sympathy and empathy, you got it.

We have a lot of welfare and dumped/ex feral cats. We’ve been pretty lucky with the disappearing acts, in most cases they’ve wandered back or we’ve found them lying low with some problem but managed to get them treated in time, but it’s awful when you don’t know where they are and what’s happened to them.



Funny thing about cats… they often come back. Much later.
My wife’s neighbor had a cat that the daughters loved. It was (part?) Siamese. One day the cat disappeared. No one had any idea where it had gone. Eight years later it returned. Yes, eight.
They knew it was their lost cat because it climbed up and used the toilet instead of using a cat box. When was the last time you saw a cat do that?
Sometimes all it takes is patience.



With my prayer - Joe


I’m so sorry - I can’t imagine how I would feel if we lost one of our kitties. They are both 100% indoor kitties, but if they ever got out I would be totally distraught. :frowning:

Praying your little one comes home soon!!!



You have my sympathy, but I should tell you that my mother had a cat that disappeared one day and showed up again months later…skinny, no question, but it was her. So it’s hard to say…


Della, I’m so sorry about your kitty. You have my sympathy and empathy – one of my cats went missing briefly the other day, and I know how panicky I felt until she was safely found. I imagine you are feeling the same way about your Sammy. :console: St. Francis, please pray for Sammy to come home soon!


I’m sorry you lost your kitty. Maybe you’ll reunite. We had a cat when I was a child who ran away when we brought kittens home. I saw her down the street. She was scavenging out of a neighbor’s garage, where there was cat food. She was OK.


Prayers for a happy reunion with your lost kitty…


Oh I’m so sorry your kitty is missing. When I lived in an apt, I’d let them out on the balcony (first floor) and they’d go playing in the back woods near the complex. Sometimes they’d disappear for a few days at a tie but they always came back b/c they new where the food was :). Well I will say prayers for you in hopes of finding your kitty healthy and safe at home. I know how sad and worried you must bed. God bless.


Thank you for all your kind responses, prayers, and stories about returning cats. Sammy wandered off once before for a couple of days then returned without his collar, so we don’t know what he had been up to that time, either.

Our neighborhood is quiet with lots of neighbor cats roaming around, so we’ve always thought it safe for our kitties. My hope is a neighbor took him in–it was raining and snowing the weekend he disappeared. I could live with the idea that someone else adopted him and is taking good care of him. It’s the not knowing that is killing us.


As an animal (esp cat) lover myself, I will definitely say a prayer for St. Francis to intercede. We have 5 cats and I’d be freaking out if one of mine went missing. :frowning:


I’m so sorry. I pray that he’ll come home soon. I’d be a nervous wreck if one of my animals went missing – one dog, two cats.


We have a special pillow just for him in a corner of our couch. Every time I pass it my heart squeezes in pain over not having him here with us. His boding Mate, Merry, seems lost without him. I know how he feels. Sorry to get maudlin.

When I think of all the terrible things that could have happened to him, it’s just too much. That’s why I hope a neighbor took him in (not knowing he has a home) and is loving him and caring for him. I could accept that. I just wish I knew. Most of all I want him home with us again, God willing.


Oh Della, I am sad for you. I can understand you sorrow for your missing kitty.

We all love our pets. They become loving and cherished family members.

I will pray that kitty returns as a happy and healthy kitty - unharmed and with a puuurrrrrrr -fect coat of fur to snuggle.

My cat got out one evening. I was in a panic all night till I heard her sobbing at the door to come in - 4am.
May you get one of those wake up calls as well.


Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, jrabs and everyone. :slight_smile:

Sammy is a-very-much to-himself kind of cat and not very demonstrative of his feelings, although we know he loves us in his own subdued way. We have a cat door that allows them to come in but not go out. I’m hoping to just see him again in one of his favorite spots in the house. That would be enough for me. :gopray2:


Yes - may God make that happen.
Yes - Sammy does love his mommy in his own way. Please keep us posted for the good news of his arrival back home.


As soon as Sammy shows up, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Just so you can picture him, he’s black, with white splotches from his throat down his tummy. He is short-haired, with golden eyes. Because he looks like a miniature panther, I call him my “panther cat.” Although you can’t see it in the picture, he’s also polydactyl with 6 toes on his front paws and 7 on his back paws.


What a beautiful baby he is. I am definitely still praying for Sammy (and his family)

I found the following on this site:

Blessed are you, Lord God,
maker of all living creatures.
On the fifth and sixth days of creation,
you called forth fish in the sea,
birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all animals
his brothers and sisters.
We ask you to bless this animal.
By the power of your love,
enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you
for all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.


You and Sammy are in my prayers.

Lord, please send Sammy home.

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