Move Halloween to Saturday?

Because Halloween has become an increasingly significant occasion for retail sales, one store chain is leading a campaign to move Halloween permanently to the last Saturday in October. They have an online petition at this link:

How would this impact the religious significance of Halloween, which by definition is the eve of All Hallows or All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1? Should the two holidays remain linked?

Also, if a Saturday Halloween became established in the U.S., should the U.S. bishops then consider moving the Solemnity of All Saints to the following Sunday regardless of the actual date? I know that sounds pretty radical if not downright sacreligious… but they’ve already done it for feasts like Epiphany, the Ascension, and Corpus Christi.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this topic.

I voted ‘no.’ I don’t think it should be moved due to retail sales. :rolleyes:

As far as All Saint’s’ and All Souls’ Days, those dates should not be changed based on Halloween. While it is loosely related as the vigil of All Saints’ Day, it has lost that meaning in our society.

Personally, I doubt the change will ever happen.

That would be funny in the town where I live.

Even though Halloween is already on a Saturday this year, Trick or Treat night was last night. :rolleyes: We can’t have it on a Friday because of the high school football game and we can’t have it on a Saturday because of the college football game.

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