Moved by the Holy Spirit

Yesterday I was on my way to work and felt compeled to find a daily mass. I swung by a parish near the office and found a time that I could make. Work got in the way but at the last moment I again felt a burden to go (I’m not a daily mass guy) so I went. Then this morning I was suddenly awakened, wide awake, and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got out of bed an hour early and sat in my study for a short morning prayer then began to study (I’m a grad student). The kids padded out of their room and proceeded to watch TV like everyday, usually 15 minutes before I get up. Suddenly from down stairs I hear my eldest (5) say “Spit it out Sabrina, spit it out now!” Sabrina is the youngest at just under 2. Her tone galvanized me and I rushed down stairs to pull a tiny red ball from her mouth.

I believe all of my days prayer life was motivated by the Holy Spirit and God’s Grace to make me sensitive to the Stiring of the HS in the morning so I’d be awake for Sabrina’s sake.

Has anyone else shared such an active motivation by the Holy Spirit and acted upon it later to see a reason? Please share.
And Thank You GOD for my daughter.

yes! I feel there have been times when I have been pulled out of bed by the Holy Spirit. God speaks to you in the quiet of your heart. Your story makes perfect sense to me.

You are blessed - because you chose to listen to the Holy Spirit.

You have opened yourself up to hearing and doing the will of God. What a gift!!!

I have recently had similar situations where the HS has guided me to start daily mass at lunch hour and daily Adoration. Among many other directives. I have started to listen to these no matter how hard, inconvenient, how odd they may be. I have even lost a friend because she thought me to be getting too religious.

No matter! I have realized life gets easier as God’s joy, peace and mercy are added to my life. But this is only possible if we are obedient to His will.

God is awesome! You have really been blessed to realize that.

Dear friend

My best advice to anyone would be to make the Holy Spirit their best friend as it is the love that transcends and emits from the Father to the Son and to us and between us and the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the MOST neglected of the Holy Trinity, but He should not be, He is the one that prays with you, even helps you to pray, prompts you everyday in your good actions and thoughts and helps you throughout every living day of your life. Little is said of Him in Catholic instruction, little is even mentioned, but everything is done by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is pure Divine love.

Every Sacrament mentions the Holy Spirit, even the consecration of the Eucharistic host is done by the power of the Holy Spirit, it is the Holy Spirit that binds humanity through Christ Jesus to God the Father in the new covenant forever. The Holy Spirit is the spouse of my soul, as is Christ Jesus, it is the Spirit of His love and the love of our Father in heaven that indwells us and inspires us, motivates us as you have described, without what we could call reasonable human explanation, but the clarity of His manifestation in some matters is so clear as to be undeniable as in your case here.

Each of what is the essence of Divinity is present in all three persons of the Holy Trinity, you see Jesus you see God, you see the Father you see God, you see the Holy Spirit you see God, though in persons they are greater in that none of the Trinity is greater than the Father. The Father is the greatest as all proceeds from Him. The second person is Jesus the God man that unites humanity and God and the Holy Spirit that is the love between the first two persons of the Holy trinity that then binds us in love with them both.

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


I’d like to share 2 experiences…really none so dramatic as saving a life. That is truely a blessing! Don’t forget the work of guardian angels…as it says in the gospels, those of children are closest to God…and I fully believe that it was not only the Holy Spirit, but the guardian angel of your little girl who awoke you!

Anyway, here’s my stories:

I recently became aware of a mortal sin I had forgottne…and when I realized it I refrained from Communion. I prayed to the Holy Spirit, to Jesus, to Padre Pio and my Guardian Angel to help me get to confession today. Well, I’ve been praying for a couple of weks as I have in the past had a hard time going to Confession.

Well, anyway, my furnace decided not to work this week, and I havent’ used it much as I like it somewhat cool. So I called for service, invoking my service plan…and was able to schedule the repair for this afternoon. As I can link up to the network, it meant that I was in the office for part of the day then came to work from home. I’m not fully operational but I could complete what needed to be done. And not have to take vacation!

I usually work up until the time daily mass begins (evening service) so I can never attend, and then I don’t go to Confession. So tonight although I was home I figured I’d go tomorrow morning, but sure that I likely would not get up in time to do so. Mass started, I heard the bells and blessed myself. I at that point had willfully decided not to go.

I continued to make excuses as to why I wasn’t going to Confession tonight…but the Holy Spirit would NOT leave me alone! I couldn’t sit down…couldn’t do any extra work…couldn’t select a DVD to watch…couldn’t start making my dinner…I just paced around continually looking at my watch.

Finally I threw up my hands and said, “OK! OK! I"ll GO!” I changed, and arrived in time to recieve the final blessing. I had time for an examination of conscience and was about 4th in line or so.

So the moral of the story is this…the Holy Spirit broke my furnace so that I would go to Confession…in answer of my own prayer. So by logic…I guess I asked God to break my furnace!

Oh, and btw…for those of you with a devotion to Padre Pio…when I arrived home and began going about my normal evening activities…I caught a fragrance I can’t explain and when I tried to find it…it was gone. A light floral scent.

Keep praying, everyone. The Holy Spirit is ready and willing to answer you!

I guess I’ll forgoe the 2nd tale unless there is interest expressed. I look forward to reading the experiences of others! :slight_smile:

JC, I know of what you speak…a few times in my life when I made an especially humble confession…(probably closer to perfect contrition) when I came out of the confessional I smelled a very beautful scent. One time I could still smell it when I came home and I commented to my freind who was dropping me off from an Evening of Recollection, that I could still smell Father’s aftershave …she laughed…and told me that he doesn’t wear any. She knows him well. She deduced that I must have been given a ‘special grace’.

Dear friend

Everything happens for a reason and nothing is by mistake! I firmly believe this. And as for your fragrance , I have had this often and it is beautiful, a sort of vanilla-tabacco- roses smell, a combination but very lovely and I have had it in prayer to Padre Pio and Mary

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


There is a special way the Holy Spirit allowed me to bless another person that I would like to share also. A parishioner was very strongly on my mind one day, and it was not someone whom I had much contact or friendship with; so that seemed odd to be thinking of her.

I had the impulse to give her some yellow roses, and I inserted a card with a scripture verse that was a strong impression at the time. When I delivered them in person to her home, she was not there, and I remember thinking how bizarre my thoughts were, and this could not have been from the Lord at all!

Later that evening, she called me in tears, thanking me for the flowers, and commented on the verse: “He hath filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich empty away.”

Unknown to me, she had been working all day in Detroit’s poor section feeding the hungry for a project called (I think) Focus Hope. She did not feel her efforts were worthy and was somewhat downtrodden in spirit. When she saw the flowers and the verse, she knew the Lord was sending comfort and affirming that she did it unto Him.

Just a little treasure in my memory that I was happy to be a part of — bringing her joy!

these are awesome experiences!

i have had several, but the one that stands out the most last week (much like the one eleusis shared) was that i was awoken out of a deep sleep by a dream that had me having a very difficult time breathing - it was like trying to breathe in fire and smoke in my dream - i flew out of bed and rushed to the top of the stairs where i could hear my son with two friends below who were talking (it was 1:20 a.m. and he had a sleep-over) - i said “max! quick - go check the stove and turn all the knobs to the upright position; make sure the oven is off.” and went back to bed.

i couldn’t sleep so about 1/2 hour later, i went down to get a glass of water and he said “mom, how did you know?” i said “know what?” that the oven was on? i said i didn’t - i was awoken and given instructions to turn the oven off, but that i was unsure how i knew. he said that one knob was on and there was no flame, but had there been, it would have been on low…

there is no other reason for it. i believe the Spirit can and does speak through dreams and visions, and it really is a prompting for us all to be open and responsive when He does.


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