Movements at Mass

I have loved the Mass for more than sixty-five years. I have always loved the rules that
no matter where you attended Mass, that the movements would be as close as possible to being the same actions for the Mass by each of the priests who are presiding at the Mass.
I have noticed there are variations from many priests who preside at Mass. Also, my
understanding at a Mass, that only concelebrating priests may stand during the consecration, and all others should kneel, but in many chruches this is not done.
In reference to the Mass, there are times when certain actions or movements by the priests are not done as I had thought, but there are also variations in the movements and actions of priests at Mass.
Seminaries teach novices how to preside at a Mass. I would think that all students would learn to do the same actions at a Mass.
But, when attending Mass at different churches, one will see a difference in the actions of the priests presiding at the Mass.
I realize there might be some minor differences, but I would like to understand
why there are the changes seen at Mass by the priests.

Some of the minor changes are because we, as humans, unintentionally individualize things - no disrespect, disobedience, or defiance is intended. Even doing the exact same things, we cause variances. These variances become ingrained as the priest does them for years upon years. Think about praying the Sign of the Cross - we all pray it but it is prayed in as many different ways as there are people because we are all individually made and our movements are different.

Unfortunately, some variances come because the priest knows full well he isn’t about to get fired. Meaning we (the Church) need him and since he isn’t doing anything that will invalidate (but will cause to be illicit) the Mass, he isn’t about to get thrown out. It takes a lot to get fired from the priesthood (actually I don’t know if it is even possible without being excommunicated). Even when this is the case, no disrespect is necessarily intended.

Other times, there is room in the rubrics for variance.

My priest does a couple weird things I wish he wouldn’t because he feels it helps Mass “flow”. The vast majority of the time, our priests feel they are doing the right thing and are not trying to cause trouble. When these little things bother me, I offer prayers of thanksgiving that I have an easily accessible priest and parish family and prayers for my priest and all priests.

As for standing during the Consecration - our Deacon stands because he (as an older gentleman) has bad joints etc and he would have no support to help him get back up after kneeling. He was instructed to kneel when in training but either his instructor relented or he is disobeying. I think having Father or the altar servers give him a hand to stand would probably be more distracting than his standing respectfully/reverently behind Father. OTOH I’m a stickler for the rules (if they’re there why not follow them :confused:) so I would like to see him try if he hasn’t been granted exception.

You answered your own question “Seminaries teach novices how to preside at a Mass.” - humans teach humans ;).

Just what “variances” different priests do are you talking about? Can you be specific?

Believe it or not, there were differences in how different priests would celebrate in the same diocese, or even same parish, in the days before Vatican 2.

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