MOVES: Super 8

Has anybody seen this? I saw it in imax and liked it a lot. It was deff. something to see in imax. I don't usually go to imax and hate 3d however. It was my fav. of the summer. I am suprised that it got the same number of good reviews on rottentomatoes as XMEN. Xmen was one of the worst films I ever saw in my life.

I saw it last weekend, and honestly, for me it was "meh". It reminded me of The Goonies. The "bad guy" was an army fellow, but the movie didn't do enough to make us despise the character as a bad guy.

I like movies to keep me on edge and in suspense, this one just didn't do it for me.

This is in some ways an imitation of "ET." but it lacks the magic of "ET." I consider it a good movie, but I didn't think it worth going to the theater to see. A so-so movie. A negative--the characters frequently use four letter words. For that reason, I wouldn't take children to see it.

Thanks for that info, on the basis of which I have made my decision not to see it.

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