Movie about Jesus?

I think The Passion Of The Christ is probably the best movie about Jesus but it is mainly about the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Is there any other movie about Jesus someone can recommend?

‘The Gospel According to Matthew’, an Italian movie shot on a shoestring budget with untrained actors, and an atheist director. It’s exactly what it says on the label: Matthew from start to finish. I forget who brought it up here when we were talking Pasolini, but that poster was right: it’s totally unexpected when you look at his other films. It’s beautiful, powerful, and never anything but respectful toward Christianity, even though the director’s perspective is that of an outsider. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone looking for movies about Christianity.

There are alot out there. I can think of two, but haven’t watched them in years. “Jesus of Nazareth” and “King of Kings”.

I need to watch “Passion” again, but I put it off because I sobbed from the snake in the garden scene on though the entire movie. I couldn’t breathe right for hours, and my eyes were swollen almost shut. It is an amazing film.

The Italian movie and Jesus of Nazareth seem to be quite good.
I actually bought a 4 dvd set yesterday called “The New Testament”. but each dvd focuses on a different person: 1) Joseph 2) Mary Magdalan 3) Judas 4) Thomas.
I watched the first 2 dvds but it all in all it’s kind of disappointing.
Tomorrow I’ll check out some places for the movies you recommended.

You can actually see Jesus of Nazareth on Youtube:

I agree with what Baptista said, I do think the best outside of Jesus of Nazareth was the Passion of the Christ. There are two versions now of the Passion of the Christ, the original and the second version is for those who are perhaps younger, like children or those who cannot watch scenes of blood, torture, etc… without getting physically ill.

that is prety neat
i do have this dvd though . highly recommend it!

there is?? icouldnt watch the passion becuase it just made me sick to my stomach and i just couldnt handle it
where can i get that edited version?? thanks

Jesus of Nazareth is, IMO, the best one. I like it so much because of how detailed it is.

I just watched it on Youtube which has all the parts. I’ll see if the dvd is available so I can watch it again in a better quality.
I thought it was surprisingly well made.

Whenever I read a great book where my mind produces its own amazing images, I make it a rule to avoid the movie at all costs. The movie always ruins the idealized images in my mind.

The best examples of this are movies about Christ. For me, the “book” is so good there is no need to get someone’s personalized version of the transcendent events depicted.

Your mileage may vary.

I agree with what you say to a certain point. I never see a movie about Jesus Christ as a substitute for reading the Bible, but more as an interpretation which might shine a light on things differently. There was a scene with Jesus and Pilates that made me think about something different than I used to.
Of course reading the actual Bible is much more powerful but watching a movie about Christ is more like looking at paintings done by various artists(Michelangelo, Da Vinci etc).

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