Movie about St. Giuseppe Moscati on EWTN

Did anyone see the movie about St. Giuseppe Moscati on EWTN last Saturday? It was part one of two parts. At the end, an announcer said to stay tuned for part 2, but they never showed it. Instead they showed Mother Angelica’s Rosary and Fr. Corapi.
Does anyone know when they’re going to show Part 2? (I e-mailed EWTN, but haven’t gotten an answer yet.)

My dad was over on Monday and was talking about this so I gave him a call. He thinks Part 2 is going to be on this Saturday at 7pm (Central) but said you should check the EWTN programming guide around that time. :slight_smile:

There’s one for Canada and Spanish as well. Goto to EWTN and click Television at the top

Yes, Tenebre! Wonderful movie.

I remember the announcer saying that, but then… the Rosary & Fr. Corapi. After that, I went to EWTN online and found the same progamming schedule Dandelion posted. TY & hug to Dandelion

The movie will be on again, this Saturday night. I’ll be watching at 8PM EST. Looking forward to seeing the conclusion.

I heard a recent announcement on EWTN that the second part would be shown on Sat. at 8:00 Eastern (which would be 7:00 Central–my time zone).
This movie was originally shown on RAI, the Italian network which my husband watches. I saw it then, but it wasn’t subtitled and it was hard for me to understand what was going on. I’m so glad that EWTN is showing it with subtitles (and not dubbed).
By the way, although Dr. Moscati was born in Benevento because his father was a judge there, the Moscati family really came from a town called Serino. My husband is from Serino, and his father, when a boy, actually met Dr. Moscati.

Tonight’s the night. passing you the virtual popcorn

I hear ya there. Have family from Italy, but know only a few words. Strange coincidence~ Years ago, during a street festival, I was interviewed by RAI. Hadn’t a clue what the guy was asking me, so I just smiled and waved at the camera. That following Saturday morning, it was televised. Watched, but again… I had no idea what he (or anyone else) was saying during this “interview”. All I know is the camera kept panning over my skirt & legs! To this day, I remain blissfully ignorant of the actual conversation. LOL

Tenebrae, that’s amazing!

Hi, my husband and I loved the movie on St. Guiseppe Moscati, with whom we were previously unfamiliar. So looking forward to Part II. Checked on EWTN earlier today, but did not find listing for next Saturday - is it really scheduled?

Hi MaiEilis,

I see you joined Catholic Answers Forums today and this is your first post. Welcome! :wave:

Something you may not know yet, is that when doing a search, or when clicking on links to suggested threads (which sometimes appears at the bottom of a thread) we need to be careful to check the dates of when the other people posted. Often older threads appear, and the information given is out of date.

For example, until your comment today, this thread hadn’t been active for five months. So, the EWTN programming information is no longer current.

(But I am not sure if part 2 of the movie ever showed! :o )

Yes, part 2 showed the following week. In fact, EWTN just ran part 1 again this past Saturday, May 1. I supposed part 2 will run next Saturday.

I just received the movie from Ignatius Press (after trying to watch the untranslated videos via YouTube) last week—a good one. :slight_smile:

Well folks, the film St. Guiseppe Moscati was on EWTN again
the last 2 Saturdays, it is VERY inspiring to see how God worked
in this doctor’s life to care for his patients, esp. the Poor, it inspires
ME to redouble my efforts for the Poor in the Church w/o fear of
it being in vain, because our toil is NEVER in vain in the Lord!!!

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