Movie: Act of Valor

I saw it last night with my Army Chaplin brother. Good movie. I recommend it. He was translating some of the military lingo used in the movie. Just another example of who has the best military in the world.

There is some offensive language in the movie, but considering who these men and women are, it’s overlooked.

You’re so lucky you never said that on you tube…
But yeah. China does have an impressive military

I want to see this movie. Thanks for the recommendation. I notice in your signature you mention Fr. Capodanno. An acquaintance of mine, a former Marine, knew him and was with him in battle when he was killed. Incredibly courageous men, all of them; the stories are unbelievable.

I saw this movie and it was awesome!! Don’t expect oscars for the acting, but hey these guys put their lives on the line every day and probably don’t care if we don’t like their acting…:smiley:

They gave a toast to one another before going on the mission that I believe summed it all up. It goes…

*“For all those who’ve been down range, to us, and those like us – damn few.”


Just saw these responses. Yeah, I’ve been praying to him for my brother who’s going back down range in a few months.

Don’t really understand having any concern about language in a movie that’s basically about the business of killing people. :confused:

I personally am inclined to be a wee bit skeptical of the hero worship surrounding Navy SEALs and other special forces( SAS, SBS, Delta Force, Recon Marines, US Army Rangers) perhaps because I’m British and not American, but I must say I was annoyed with the attitude of comedian and C-lister Dax Shepard( who?) who compared “Act of Valor” to Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”.
One is reminded of my countryman Kipling’s reproach for those “who mock the very uniforms that guard you whilst you sleep”. One need not be an uncritical admirer of the US military(or my own country’s for that matter) to note that smart-asses like Shepard wake and sleep under the very blanket of the security that the SEALs ( I doubt if Mr Shepard could survive a single day of “Hell Week” in which two thirds of prospective recruits fail to make the cut at SEAL school in Coronado CA -so intense is the physical and psychological pressure)provide. Is it asking too much of Shepard and those like him to at least say “thank you” for a very brave group of literally unsung heroes who have willingly placed themselves in harm’s way-not to mention almost unimaginable agonies- so that their fellow Americans(and possibly the entire West) can sleep safely in their beds???

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