MOVIE: "American Carol" is GREAT

Check out this movie it was the best movie in 2008. I am very pro-military and I thin the USA need more movies like this in today’s world.

Thanks for the recommendation.

May I make one for you? Since you are very pro-military, watch The Unit on Sunday nights at 10:00 P.M. (EST). It’s based on Eric Haney’s Delta Force, and is extremely pro-military and pro-U.S.A. It’s so good to watch a TV show that features heroes.

At the moment, one of the Unit members (Bob Brown) is addicted to heroin, but he got addicted because he was tortured with heroin injections while his fellow Unit members were doing a job. He held out so that they would be safe. So that will probably be a disturbing plotline for the rest of the season.

One thing cool about the actors of The Unit–four of them (Robert Patrick, Max Martini, Dennis Haysbert, and Michael Irby), went to Iraq and Afghanistan last spring and spent two weeks living with the U.S. troops. Apparently the show is watched by EVERYONE (U.S.A.) in these countries. The actors came back determined to make the show and their characters even more realistic.

I went with a group of guys on base… GREAT movie…

I saw it in the Theater…GREAT!!

What is the movie about? I thought it was the Christmas story… Scrooge… etc? No?

It’s a parody of both Christmas Carol and Michael Moore’s films. The main character is supposed to be along the lines of Michael Moore and “ghosts” show him the disastrous consequences of his propaganda films.

I’m not a big Michael Moore fan… (although I sometimes find him sort of funny) Is it pro-Moore?

I wouldn’t say it’s pro-Moore or anti-Moore, but spoofs his views and movies ala Space Balls (spoofing Star Wars) and Airplane (spoofing airplane disaster movies).

Loved it… I would see it again.

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