Movie and Book Suggestion for Catholic School Silent Auction

I’m putting together a silent auction basket for my kid’s school with the theme: Girls Night In. I have already included My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I am stumped on another ‘chick flick’ or book to include. Obviously nothing with sex scenes or anything else inappropriate for a Catholic school fundraiser. Any suggestions are appreciated.


I’d pick “Return to Me” over “Big Fat Greek Wedding” any day… especially if you’re looking to avoid inappropriate (read: premarital sex) scenes.

Never Been Kissed


Sooo many more; can’t think right now. LOL

How to Make an American Quilt…rated PG. Story of a young college woman returning home helping to make a quilt with older women and hearing their stories.






I really like C.S.Lewis. Just finished his bio by his stepson, Douglas Gresham. The book, an easy read, is called Jack’s Life. C.S. aka Jack, made a promise at 19 to care for a friend’s family members. He did exactly that for 32 years sacrificing his own financial gain.

You might want to include in the basket his other books among them, The Screwtape Letters about the devil instructing his nephew on how to tempt man, Surprised by Joy, The Case for Christianity etc.

Lewis was an atheist and converted, in part, because of the writings of G.K. Chesterton, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Thanks! I ended up picking up Bella as well. I will look at all of the suggestions, very helpful!!!

how about a Jane Austen pack, books and movies–Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion are my personal favorites, perhaps snacks in the basket could have an English tea-time theme.

Your profile says you live near Odessa, Texas.

Your city, from what I have seen, is the home of one of the BEST adult synchronized skating teams in the United States, the Texas Chilly Peppers. I have seen them skate several times, and they’re absolutely awesome. At the moment, they’re the current World Recreational Adult Champions.

Do a synchronized skating basket for your fundraiser. It’s a great Warmup for Vancouver (Winter Olympics 2010, although synchronized skating is not an Olympic sport yet, darn).

I’ll donate my synchro skating novels (see the website in my signature), although at the moment, I don’t have copies of any except the first novel in the series. When is the silent auction? My novels are meant for teens, but a lot of moms and grandmoms like them because of the male hero in the stories (he’s cool). Let me know, and I’ll get copies for you. I might even have the 3rd novel out by then, and you’ll be the FIRST to have one.

Ask the Chilly Peppers if they will donate a video of some of their great routines. Extremely enjoyable. Here’s a YouTube link:

Perhaps they’ll donate a sweatshirt or t-shirt with their team logo, autographed by their team members. Or a poster of themselves, autographed.

And perhaps…the rink where they skate will donate a free skating lesson, or a public skating session pass. Maybe even some of the team members teach, and you’ll get a lesson from a Chilly Pepper!

Throw in a fluffy warm throw (buy a cheap one at Walgreens), a box of herbal tea or hot cocoa mix, a cute coffee mug, and a box of some really good cookies.

Have fun—I hope your fundraiser is a great success.

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