[MOVIE] Angels and Demons; a recruiting film for Roman Catholic Church?

I’m a brother2 guys and gals, and it is wonderful that all these people on this Forum are so active in defending their Faith. Praise the Lord!!

I went to see Angels and Demons last week, a well made film and thought provoking too, even though the central plot was crazy?

But my question is, even though the Roman Catholic Church is not happy with the film, I ask: ‘Is Angels and Demons a great Recruiting Film for the Roman Catholic Church’?

Intended as a lighthearted debate and so I can actually start a new Thread, ha, as a New Member it is kind of an initiation.

May God bless all here! Michael.:slight_smile:

Well, a movie that depicts how the Church is violently anti-science and killed all these people isn’t exactly good for our approval rating. LOL

God bless!

Hello thunderballs: don’t throw any my way brother. Have you seen it then? ‘Good’ film. Yes but that was part of the central plot which was not so good. But the organization, looking as if ‘they’ have it all together, the great buildings, art, statues, the mystical services and history, the Archives etc, some big outhorotative system or Church can be quite attractive in the world we live in.

Thanks for the comment! Christian greetings to all. Michael.

Welcome bro’!

But my question is, even though the Roman Catholic Church is not happy with the film, I ask: ‘Is Angels and Demons a great Recruiting Film for the Roman Catholic Church’?

Most likely not, since lots of folks accept fictional entertainment as gospel truth.

I am going to go with what Bishop Emeritus Antonio Rosario Mennonna had to say:

Centenarian Bishop Criticizes “Angels and Demons”

Rome, Italy, May 5, 2009 (CNA).- Bishop Emeritus Antonio Rosario Mennonna, 103, of Nardo-Gallipoli (Italy), one of three living bishops born in 1906, has criticized the film Angels and Demons as “useless stupidity.”

According to press reports, the bishop criticized the movie based on Dan Brown’s novel, saying its contents are “highly denigrating, defamatory and offensive for the values of the Church and the prestige of the Holy See.”

Those close to the prelate said he is “deeply shocked and disturbed by the contents of the film.” Bishop Mennonna invited his brother bishops to denounce the film for attacking the faith of missions of spreading obscenity.


Who would it potentially recruit to the Church? Unemployed albino assassins? (Oops, that was the first movie, wasn’t it? Can you tell I’m not interested in the sequel?)

I saw the Movie Saturday, enjoyed it imensely and didnt think it was anti-catholic at all.

Thanks for that estesbob. It has been good to get so many responses to my own Thread…and so good to hear of one Open Minded Roman Catholic.

The shots of the Vatican I thought were really good…especially as they were not allowed in to film in the Vatican! And I have heard it second hand that the Guards are armed to the teeth, an army would have trouble getting in!

Actually, I have been in the Vatican 4 times, an amazing place, half of pagan Rome is in it I believe, taken from the old city when building the Vatican. Statues and building materials etc. No doubt none of you would agree with that statement, or maybe you would??

May God bless all here. Michael.:cool:

As we left the movie my wife said “we have got to go to Rome”. I was wondering how thy got all those great shots of the Sistine Chapel given they were not allowed in.

I have not caught half the abuse over liking this movie as i have over liking harry potter!

You must go to Rome!! No where in the world like it I promise you and you need at least a week 2 if possible to see it. Fantastic, in many meanings of that word!!!

Prayer Warrior…pray for me and all of us on this Forum please.

May God bless all here. Michael.:thumbsup:

[quote=Brother2]Thanks for that estesbob. It has been good to get so many responses to my own Thread…and so good to hear of one Open Minded Roman Catholic.

Are you implying that the rest of us are close Minded Roman Catholics?

Everybody I know hated this film. They all said it was boring. You couldn’t drag me to see it.

Ha No I found it fascinating and the action was riveting, even though the actual plot was crazy, as a Film it did what it said on the tin!

As for ‘open minded Catholics’ I have to admit the ones who I have met on this Forum tend not to be open minded…although ones I have met in real life tend to be open minded I am glad to say! The Forum Catholics tend to be ‘militant’ for the cause, which has brought the worst out of me too, but I prefer it when we can agree!!

So thanks for all the responses brothers and sisters.

May God bless all here. Michael.

It’s a movie, based on a work of fiction. Anyone that takes their facts from Hollywood movies, or TV needs their head examined.

I haven’t read all the posts. So, sorry if I change track here. But, 2 or 3 folks in my bay at work saw the movie. They all realize that it’s fiction. But, it’s caused them to ask questions which I welcome. I’m the only Catholic in the bay. Anyway, right now, because of their curiosity about the church, my Catholicism for Dummies book is making its rounds. To me, the search for the TRUTH can only be a good thing.

True sir a complete work of fiction. Although a good recruiting Film for the Roman Catholic Church…:wink:

Shalom. May God bless all here. Michael.

actually it does have me thinking about the church. I read the book in 3 days, it was GREAT!!! Not counting Harry Potter it is the fastest book I have ever read. I simply could not put it down. Having unfortunatly lost my faith about three years ago the book has really caught my interest in the chruch’s history. For those right wing people out there, honest I don’t see the mainstream culture looking down at the church. People accept that it is a work of fiction and are not going to go sceaming that the church is murdering people. The story may be fiction but some of the history isn’t and thats what catches my interest. Like is the Vatican really built on top of the hill where St. Peter is buried? I haven’t seen the movie but as for recruiting for the church, I believe they have just gained a fan.

A good friend of mine–incidentally a seminarian now at the Dominican University of Santo Tomas here in the Philippines–actually thought about this: candymag.com/teentalk/index.php/topic,185681.0.html in that he thinks the movie might be a good opportunity for Catholics to tell about the Church.

There were a lot of minor goofs, factual errors, etc.

However, the Church has been aggressively anti-science in previous centuries. I don’t think that the information on her treatment of Galileo was inaccurate. That said, I think neither the movie nor the book tried to paint the Church as anti-science, it just informed based on its information.

The central theme of the movie wasn’t science, the Church’s treatment of Galileo, or an indictment of teh_evulz Catholic Church. The central theme was that man is sinful, man is tempted, and this is what can happen when one man’s over zealous ambitions go to far. The whole movie was about the lengths that Camerlengo McKenna was willing to go to manipulate matters to become the Pope. He wanted to take the power of the papacy unto himself.

I thought it was a great story depicting man’s flaws.

“I thought it was a great story depicting man’s flaws.”

But do those men always have to be Catholic Priests, I would just love to read (or see) a mainstream story like this that actually painted us in a good light, or a correct light.

It’s frustrating to me to hear others say negative things about the church, but really that’s mostly what the media reports, and popular fiction writes.

I have only read the book, and I was very intertained by it. I just wish it wasn’t yet another negative tally against the church.

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