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There was another thread on this movie being potentially problematic based on the trailer (that thread has been closed, which is why I’m starting a new one). Well, here is what National Catholic Register reviewer Steven Greydanus has to say about the film:

Among Hollywood animated films, it may be the most positive affirmation of family since The Incredibles and the best fairy tale since Beauty and the Beast.

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It appears the concern over the trailer was misplaced.

I really want to go see this. I read the chapter book and knew it ended well, I guess the trailers were misleading. I don’t care much for bathroom humor, but in the book she wasn’t snotty or anything toward her parents, she didn’t want to be married off to a chiefton.

Thanks for the link to this review. Trailers really are misleading and it made me not want to see the movie because it looked way too cliche. I already saw too many movies this year about a princess who doesn’t want get married and ends up running away or whatever and I was kind of tired of it. I may consider watching this when it comes on HBO.

My kids are really excited to see this movie, especially since my youngest is also a redhead. Fortuitously, my oldest is mixed race and loved seeing The Princess and The Frog. Kids really enjoy seeing princesses who “look like them” to look up to, especially Tiana and her virtues of love and hard work.

As far as pro-family movies go, though, I have to throw in my vote for Meet the Robinsons. The movie emphasizes family, free will, and particularly the power of the individual to create the future that they want (as opposed to being a victim of circumstance). Oh and there’s a pro-life element as well. Couldn’t ask for more; leaves me in tears every time.

I’m taking my mom to see this on friday for her birthday. I’ve been waiting to see this. I love the Pixar movies (except the Cars movies, sorry but talking cars don’t do it for me). This looks like an awsome, beautiful movie. I also love the strong female charactor, it’s great for young girls to see you can be so much more than a pretty face. And I love that it takes place in Scotland!

The trailers gave me that same impression too. On the surface it just looks like another one of the million “wow a strong and independent female character!” cliches already out there. Then again the trailer might indeed be misleading but I’m probably not going to ever watch it anyway. :shrug:

THanks for posting the review!

WE are looking forward to it–we just got back from Disneyland 2 weeks ago, and our daughters (ages 2 and 5) met Princess Merida.

We will be starting the chapter book tomorrow, and will stop a couple chapters short before seeing the movie, so as to get an idea of what the story is, but not spoil it!

I think it may be too intense for our 2 year old, so she will stay home, and it will be a different type of movie for my 5 year old, who loves the other princesses, so we’ll see!

Thanks again for posting the link–I had been searching for something.

My sister and I and our respective broods are big Pixar people and we’re looking forward to this!! :slight_smile:

My 16-year old daughter wants to see this. She loves Disney and Pixar still. I’m sure we will go see it as a family sometime this summer. I look forward to learning about it here on CAF first, though.

Not to derail this thread, but you might have an interest in these other threads, some that just mention “Meet the Robinsons,” but others too that are specifially about it. I saw it with my kids and was mostly bemused by it, found it a bit surreal, but my kids loved it. I also found it touching in places, but mostly just very odd. With that being said, most posters who mention it specifically love the movie as much as you do, so I guess I need to see it again before deciding.

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Now, back to this thread. :slight_smile:

I won’t be seeing it till it comes out on video mostly because I never go to the movie theater anymore. I’ll probably try to coax the wife into making an exception for “The Hobbit” come December. :slight_smile:

But I look forward to seeing it on DVD sometime around Christmas. :slight_smile:

So no spoilers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it was.

See? This is why you don’t judge a movie by the trailer!
I’m eventually going to see it. The background scenery looks gorgeous and I love Merida’s hair, it looks so springy!

In short, be careful of judging trailers. I am not sure if I can watch that movie though. O:

I know. It is shocking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah. Who would ever have thought someone here would freak out over something that is far from being wrong… :rolleyes:


I think Pixar always makes magically awsome movies.

Some I perfer more than others, Loved all the Toy Stories, I loved Wall-E, Saving Nemo etc. I haven’t seen a few of them, just because I haven’t had the opportunity.

I wonder of the Pixar female characters have a real life “muse”?

Especially Jessie, Ellie from Up and this character from Brave.

They are all spunky red heads, and I wonder if there is an actual red head that’s the inspiration.

Toy Story is still my favorite, but I’m very excited to watch Brave on Sunday. I have high expectations it may just kick Toy Story off the #1 rank, but we’ll see… :slight_smile:

A movie would have to be very, very special to rank higher than the Toy Story movies for me. As a parent who had little ones just after the first one came out and who now has teens who will be in college in the blink of an eye, those movies hold a very, very special place in my heart.

I went to Toy Story 3 with my DS who loved, loved, loved Toy Story when it first came out. He is the same “age” as Andy so the 3rd movie came out the same summer my DS was leaving for college. I bawled (no, sobbed!) through a whole lot of that movie and it was a wonderful mother/son day. I know my DS got teary eyed too and actually went to see it with his guy friends later that summer and they all loved it even at their ages.


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