MOVIE: Courageous

Wondering how many have seen the latest outreach from Sherwood Baptist Church of Atlanta, which includes Fireproof and Facing the Giants…including most of the same actors and essentially the same plot line.

I LOVE a good family movie, one with a wholesome story, moral characters who make good choices in the face of adversity, standing strong in their faith when challenged. This movie has all of those elements.

However, the movie sorta plods along like someone who took a valium. They called it “action packed”, well, it isn’t. And if you have ever attended any dramatic presentation by a Baptist congregation, you will know this story. It is a very thinly veiled cover for an evangelization pitch. The characters are introduced, do some stuff to draw you in, then something tragic happens, the main character falls to one knee at the request of another and pledges his life to Christ. He then faces a test of his new faith, passes, and then everything is hunky dory at the end of the movie.

Now, with my barbed criticism out of the way, there is alot to like about the movie. As someone who recently lost his mother, this story reinforces the very concrete notion that life is not guaranteed and you had better enjoy each moment with the people you love, because they can be taken from you at the snap of a finger. Regret for ignoring the people most important to you is one of the main reasons of adult depression and why over 10% of the population takes anti-depressant medication (that is my insert, not actually represented in the movie).

It also covers the appalling statistics of fatherless children and the CRITICAL importance of Godly fatherhood in the lives of our children. It is not just fatherlessness in which there is no father, but because of absentee fatherism in alot of homes in the country. Fathers are seriously dropping the ball. They prioritize work, their hobbies, chasing other women, in favor of setting a Godly example for their kids, especially their young sons. If we complain as a society about the lack of manliness of today’s youth, it is we men who are to blame. You cannot think that good fatherhood will happen by accident. It has to be deliberate, it has to be planned, it has to be intentional, and it MUST happen with accountability and good counsel.

I recommend all men who have children or plan to have children watch this movie. I recommend that all women either watch this with your husband or LET HIM WATCH IT FIRST. I know some women will watch this and then start expecting their husbands to change. Let me tell you, you will cause more problems that you solve. Men have got to “get it” on their own. Anyway, enough preaching. The movie is perfectly fine for kids, nothing this production company makes will offend the sensibilities of young children. They will probably ask why you keep crying during the movie, but, that’s okay. Stop it and tell them why.

What about Fireproof? Is that the movie from a couple years back with Kirk Cameron? I never watched it but heard it was pretty good.

It is. As long as you remember that they are written from the Evangelical Protestant point of view. The movie production company is actually a Baptist Church, so that is what you get. Don’t expect it to be “Catholic friendly”. The relationship with Christ is the overly simplistic “Just ask Jesus into your heart and your life will be forever changed”. There is no “follow on care”. There is not alot of pastoral mentorship and counsel, things that good Catholic men would do. They wouldn’t seek the answers themselves, they would look to someone in a position to guide them.

Call me a snob :stuck_out_tongue:

I would never in 100 years watch pointless drivel like this wishy-washy stuff.

Well, to be fair it wasn’t pointless or wishy-washy.

It makes a very poignant point. Fathers have a very important role in our society and they need to take their responsibilities seriously or we, as a culture and as a society, are doomed to fail.

I was referring to the writing and acting.

These films aren’t exactly The Flowers of St. Francis or Vertigo.

Well, that much is true. The characters and the story lines are very flat and they production company tends to recycle its actors in all of its movies. Its a hard fact to get past if you watch more than one of them.

Thanks for the recommendations.

I agree with Scott. Young men should watch this movie.

the budgets are next to nothing compared to many other movies.

Yes they are simplistic to some, but don’t have an anti-CC message…just different and there is a message.

another one to consider

“Faith like Potatoes”

Both Catholic and protestant ministries start out very simplistic especially in 3rd world countries

Courageous, maybe. It had a great message. And the acting was much better than Fireproof.

Fireproof was hard to get through without laughing. :blush: Sorry, I know lots of people liked the movie, but the acting was sooooooo bad, it was laughable.

I’m not a fan of “Fireproof” like so many other people seem to be. Both main characters just seemed so silly to me. Too bad the acting seemed to get in the way of the message.

BUT, I really liked “Facing the Giants”, thought the writing was much better than “Fireproof”.

Haven’t seen “Courageous” yet, and someone recommended “Flywheel” as well.

As long as we’re talking about films from this same company or film studio, “Letters to God” was pretty good.

Well, from my example, *The Little Flowers *(which has minimal dialogue - and the monks were actually monks) didn’t have a large budget (Vertigo did, of course).

From my personal movie viewing, the best religious films are very often made by secular people: *The Little Flowers *(Roberto Rossellini) and the *Gospel of St. Matthew *(Pier Palo Passolini).

I just can’t sit through the others without snickering - they are just so bad.


My wife and I enjoyed this very much. The movie had everything—some laughs, some suspense, some tear-jerking moments. But no Catholics. Nevertheless, given a choice between watching Courageous or Dark Shadows, I’d pick Courageous.

I happen to think “The Book of Eli” is one of the best Christian films made in the last few decades. “Fireproof” was far too preachy and violated the “show, don’t tell” rule of theater.

There were connections to Sherwood Baptist church and their studio but they did not produce Letters to God

More experience among the church members/actors probably

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