MOVIE: Devil

M. Night Shyamalan movie: Devil. I recently watched it. It has Catholic themes - it features a rosary, and a mexican security guard who is obviously Catholic. What do you guys think about it? It scared me and I’m still shaking haha

I also saw this movie. It’s alright, story-wise. There were some scary parts. I’m disappointed with a lot of Shyamalan’s movies. There’s a sequel on the work for this movie.

When they showed a preview to this, people started laughing when they mentioned that Shymilan directed it. He has really fallen from grace. I liked this movie however. But Airbender and his last 3 films were all bombs. I didn’t see Airbender, but know it won a Razzie fror worst film.

I loved the 6th sense. I didn’t like Signs at all.

What is it about?

It sure seems that way. After Sixth Sense, he was the man of the hour, but he’s never really lived up to that hype. I wasn’t a big fan of Unbreakable, but I really liked Signs and The Villiage. Lady in the Water was forgettable, and I never even bothered watching The Happening in light of the bad reviews and R rating.

I actually kind of liked Airbender, though, in a fluff-kiddie-action-movie kind of way. :o It certainly wan’t on par with his better stuff, though. It was more like a Spy Kids or Agent Cody Banks type of movie.

I’ve never even heard of this one. Did it just come out? Usually he only releases a movie once every two years and Airbender just came out last year.

I do still hold out hope that he has a few good movies left in him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Synopsis - warning spoilers in the article, don’t read to the end if you want to watch the movie and not know all the plot:-

I know Devil wasn’t well regarded at all, but I really liked it. The emphasis on forgiveness and repentance was very nice, and I suppose it was nice to see a mainstream movie where a character who has a hint of religious conviction isn’t supposed to be regarded as a nut (the Mexican security guard). I suppose apart from these facts the movie was fairly mediocre, but I can’t wait to see the next movie in the proposed trilogy.

Love horror movies. In fact, I watched this a few months ago and thought, I sure don’t know anything about Catholicism. Wound up on this board in order to learn more. :wink:

It is thriller, horror movie at all. I love this movie because of horror scenes involved in this movie. I was very excited when i watched this movie.

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My only real problem with the film is that it spent far too much time sermonizing directly. In films, you need to show, not tell. Having the security guard constantly relate his mother’s stories of the devil became annoying and intrusive.

I loved the meaning. It was all about repentance.

I agree, I thought the ending was great

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