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Okay, i was at first going to make a long write out, but now I’ll just ask specifically. Is it a sin to watch the movie Boondock Saints? and also, this movie has also brought up another question. our we allowed to wear rosaries? I always remember being told no, but my friend told me our last priest said its okay as long as you dont just wear it to wear it.


Not heard of the movie, but what are your reasons for wearing the Rosary?

If it is to keep it close to your heart and handy when wanting to pray it, then great. But to wear it as a fashion accessory is totally WRONG.

I have a Rosary bracelett. I pray it often while waiting in line at the store. Always handy. Plus, wearing the Rosary reminds me of WHO I am praying to, and it helps me to avoid sins. I ask myself, would this action sadden my Holy Mother and Jesus? Is this what Jesus called us to do?..It helps me a whole lot, though I am ashamed to say that I still fall at times.

Fashion accessory—NO
Handy devotional—YES YES YES


thats what I though, and how I use mine. thanks.


One of the best movies I have ever seen. It would be a sin not to watch it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rosary question, I believe mkw already answered that well.


Hold up people. What about the movie The Boondock Saints? I have been wondering about it too and so far there have not been very many helpful comments about it.


great movie, i dont reccomend it if you’re under 18. its violent and has some sexual material. Im new to this forum and religion so take it easy on my next question. I was wondering what religion they are. They are Irish and catholic, I know that but what specific denomination were they?



It’s a terrible film with a terrible story, terrible content, terrible morals, and a terrible message.

I watched it before I took my religion seriously; I’ll never watch it again. Of course, I won’t watch most movies.

I can’t judge whether it would be a sin for you to watch, though. Why not stick to more enriching films?


It’s a crime to watch bad movies. I say it so it must be so.

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