MOVIE: Eagle Eye (and Holy Confession)

Catchy title, huh? I had a grain of skepticism when our priest talked about that, though he did have an article he got it from. Still, it sounded like paranoia could be inferred from the article. In the beginning of the movie, they say that the government may be listening to your conversation (esp. if you’re an active pro-lifer, thanks to the Clinton administration and probably future thanks to Obama’s, or mobster–my edit). They may or may not be able to use your sacramental confession in court, but they can set you up.

That’s not the biggest concern. It could break the seal of Holy Confession. Like the movie said (the movie came around a year or so after the sermon), our priest said that the only way to prevent being heard by the government, when you care, is to take out the battery.

My husband and I just watched Eagle Eye last week. the idea of that level of surveillance is truly scary!

Note to self: the cell phone is staying home, or at least out in the car, when going to confession…

The part that really freaked me out in eagle eye is that a computer with artificial intelligence was put in charge of all of that.

I recall about a decade ago that some book publisher in Europe (Switzerland? Germany?) claimed they had bugged confessionals in Italy for a book on what people really said in the confessional. The Vatican issued a statement neither confirming nor denying that the bugging had occurred, but stating that any person involved in such a project – from the buggers to the editors to the people who actually published the book – would incur automatic excommunication.

Didn’t hear any more about it after that.


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