MOVIE: "Expelled"

Has anyone seen/heard of this? What do you think?

I had not heard about this one at all. Thanks for the head’s up.
When I saw Ben Stein’s name there I was worried that another intelligent God loving person was going to go the way of others in Hollywood. I was relieved when I looked at the "overview" page of that site to read:

*Ben realizes that he has been “Expelled,” and that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for the “crime” of merely believing that there might be evidence of “design” in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance. To which Ben Says: “Enough!” And then gets busy
I am most interested in seeing this film when it is released in February. Ben Stein is a marvel to watch when he’s on a mission.

This “movie” is a sad low in Ben Stein’s life. It is nothing but propoaganda by the creationists. I hope it will be buried and forgotten.

Ben Stein is involved in a new documentary that is coming out soon which covers the discrimination of ID proponents and the troubles they face in the community and what prevents proper examination of the topic.

I don’t think it features anything specifically related to Biblical creationism or any interviews with people who are specifically ceationist, which is a shame, but it looks very well made and should be very interesting, particularly to new people, which should be enough to expose and inform anyone about the hurdles one faces when trying to bring such ideas to a scientific community that is largely committed by consensus to a dogma that is specifically atheistic and materialistic. It is a very relevant topic of discussion, especially in light of recent news where people are being fired and discriminated against for their beliefs even when they don’t conflict with their job.

You can find more information and see a trailer at the official site below:

i recently saw this film on a catholic conference in TX, it is an awesome documentary about the Theory of Intelligent design which refers to the creation of the universe. and how many scientist are being black listed from the science world just by being in favor of the idea of intelligent design.

check it out and support it when it comes out to the public
you can check their website at:

God Bless


I saw this documentary in a catholic conference in TX, it is awesome , and i really encourage you to support it when it comes out to the public.

it relate the story of modern scientist who are being black listed and expelled from the science world for their support in the idea or theory called intelligent design which refers to the creation of the universe.

God Bless


Have you seen it? Can you back up your assertion with an actual argument?

i’m a little confused. why would catholics go to bat for a movie about how persecuted “intelligent design” advocates are?

the scientific establishment scorns intelligent design as pseudoscience. i thought we as catholics believed in science having authority in its proper realm and faith having authority in its proper realm. this is because science cannot contradict faith as both come from God.

we don’t believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, as evangelical protestants do, so what do we (as opposed to said biblical literalists) get out of supporting intelligent design or creationism?

This looks like it’s going to be a great movie…finally some light being shed on what some people are dealing with for trying to find truth, talk about persecution!!!

Good job on Ben Steins part!:thumbsup:

Again, I think I’d have to see the movie. But even if Ben really doesn’t know science, I’ve heard him in an interview saying his point is let ID live or die in the academic debate, don’t boot professors for merely holding to it. The question I would have about this movie is what PhilVaz pointed out about cosmological ID or biological ID. That is, just as there is no scientific test that will demonstrate there is an intellegent designer, neither is there one that demonstrates that matter is all that there is, ever was and ever will be. They are both presuppostitions and it is dirty pool to sweat a professor for holding one and not the other. If Stein sticks to that he is in good shape. If he is talking about supporting biological ID he is on shakier ground because a university would be within their perogative to not support it in the same way they would not support studies in phrenology or astrology,

Is there any evidence people have been denied tenure for believing in ID?


Ala Michael Moore, Ben Stein has taken up the cause of frustrated and suppressed Creationists with a movie named ‘Expelled’ to be released nationally this April.

(Yes, Ben Stein, the ‘roll-call’ teacher in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Visine commercial spokesperson, speechwriter for Nixon and Ford, etc,)

Check out the movie info and trailer here


Thanks for the “sneak REview”. I probably see it. However, I doubt much will change. The American approach to an issue seems to always be a polarized one, I’m right or you’re right, but we both can’t be right. I would hope some would maybe realize that not only does science not have all the answers, it also does not have a monopoly on answering questions.


I never knew Ben Stein was a Creationist. He always struck me as a lapsed insert religion] who suffered from a bad case of modern liberalism. Kind of like a Bill Maher type.

I’ll definitely be seeing this movie when it comes out on DVD. Although I hear Dawkins has significant screen time. :frowning:

stein isn’t a creationist. he believes in intellectual freedom. that is why he tied himself to this movie.

stein isn’t a creationist. he believes in intellectual freedom. that is why he tied himself to this movie.

…and I guess this is the most hopeful aspect, that the situation is even perceived as an abuse of intellectual freedom by one who is, publicly, not affiliated with practicing religion.


“Expelled” is a new low for Ben Stein. The sad thing about this “documentary” is that the film makers focussed on a few “martyrs” who didn’t get tenure. But non-academics don’t realize that failure to get tenure is not at all uncommon in academe, and it usually has to do with failure to produce peer-reviewed scholarship. The “martyrs” in this film lost their positions not because of their views on evolution, but because they didn’t produce work that passed scholarly muster.

Well said.

The filmmakers made a huge gaffe last week at a screening of the film in Minnesota when they barred evolutionary biologist PZ Myers from entering the theatre. Two things are hilarious about that: one, PZ Myers actually appears in the film. Two, Myers was with notorious atheist Richard Dawkins, who apparently was not recognized and allowed in. Bad press all around for everyone involved in this ridiculous film. Here’s a New York Times article about the brouhaha.

ETA: Also, the filmmakers used really distasteful Michael Moore-style tactics to interview these people. Telling them the film was going to be about one thing and then editing the responses according to a different agenda. Just … ick.

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