MOVIE: "Expelled"

I saw the movie after receiving an email from the American Family Association ( highly recommending it. I thought it was very worthwhile if you take your Faith seriously and mean what you say “they kingdom come” when you pray. Here are the quotes I copied from the AFA email that prompted us to see it:

**What others say about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed:

Dr. James Dobson: “I recommend Expelled enthusiastically!”

Ken Smitherman, President, Association of Christian Schools: “We highly recommend Expelled to anybody.”

Lee Strobel, author, Case for a Creator: “See this film, bring your friends and your church.”

Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus: “In Expelled, Ben Stein shows us what happens when academic freedom takes a day off. We should all be listening.”

Dr. Tom Woodward, Director, C.S. Lewis Society: “A cultural earthquake… Everyone I talked to after the screening used words like ‘fabulous’ and ‘incredible’.”**

I meant the long thread after this post:

Since how the world was formed is a matter of science and not faith, why does viewing this film reflect on the Catholic faith? Furthermore, since the Church allows for the possibility of evolution, why is this a matter of faith?

I saw Expelled last weekend. More than just a few times Ben Stein explained that he was not a scientist nor could he accurately define Evolution or Intelligent Design. What he did say over and over again is that we have lost the freedom of enquiry in our class rooms.
He says this because of the many people that he has interviewed who have lost their jobs because they were not given their right, as scientists, to enquire freely. Darwin’s Evolution was the prime candidtate with the heaviest hand of a totalitarian demands placed on all students and teachers.

What is brought out, time and time again, are the Evolutionary professors who will not stand for the slightest difference of opinion. They immediately go into the attack mode. They will not stand for any difference of opinion.

I personnaly have found this to be true on various chat groups that I have been on. To give even the slightest doubt as to the validity of Evolution or Natural Selection is to invite high orders of ridicule and name calling.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was highly entrenched not only in Hitler’s Germany but also in Communist Russia. I believe the reason for this is rather simple. It would be difficult to force men to do inhuman acts of brutality and murder if they believed in God. Both Hitler and Stalin found the solution to this problem of control. They brought in Darwinian Evolution and so convinced a large part of the people to believe that God did not exist. With God not existing, human life became cheap, without value, and expendible. This was accomplished, thanks to Darwin.

In the mid-1930’s, in the USA, Darwin’s Evolution was waning badly. It was thought, at the time, that it would soon go away as just another wierd idea. (Hilair Belloc). Strangely, it didn’t go away. During WWII and after the world war, it came back stronger than ever. Why was that? It’s strictly conjecture on my part, however I believe it was the Communists that brought it over with them. The Communist were extremely successful in infiltrating our schools. Primary, secondary, and college level.

The Catholic Chruch does not endorse Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It never has. John Paul II explained that of the many different forms of evolution, some can be thrown out all together and some sound like they may have merit. However, none of them are accepted at this time. He said this in a speech at the Pontifical Acadamy of Science.

The Roman Catholic Church spends a lot of time and money on science. This is science that has no political overtones. The Catholic Church believes that there are no contradictions between faith and science. Both are true. Faith being the higher and science looking for where the faith will take it.

John Paul II stated what at first will seem obvious.
“Truth does not contradict truth”.

Most conservative Christians and orthodox/traditional Catholics are quite familiar with ostracism and persecution from modern opinion-makers of every sort.

The fact that Expelled has received great distain from the movie-reviewing society will only confirm many such Christians and Catholics that Expelled must be on the right track. To get that much hatred from the secularist, artsy-left will actually be an encouragement.

Ben Stein was really targeting that overlooked segment of the public – facing tremendous critical backlash to provide a film for a segment of the public that rarely has anything in modern culture directed towards it.

How many Hollywood films directly affirm God as Expelled has done? I would say very, very few.

I’ve done further research to once again expose the fraud behind the movie ***Expelled-No Intelligence Allowed *** by locating on it’s official website the following:

The President’s Welcome

At Big Science Academy we take our motto seriously: “No Intelligence Allowed.”

*And this year, we are proud to report that in every subject but Science, students and faculty are free to challenge ideas, and seek truth wherever it may lead.

But Science is different. In Science, there is no room for dissent, for dissent is dangerous. That is why we at Big Science simply refuse to allow it. Like dancing, “dissent” can lead to other things.

As Class President Richard Dawkins put it so well: “Shut up!”

As you know…last year we had the misfortune of “presupposition of design” rearing its ugly head, with several students challenging Neo-Darwinian materialism, and arguing incessantly for the right to examine Intelligent Design.

They were all Expelled, of course – but still: it just goes to show where academic freedom can lead, if not shut down immediately!


Charles Darwin
Principal, President, Admissions and Diversity Affairs Officer,
Big Science Academy “No Intelligence Allowed”*

Charles Darwin did not write the above! Futhermore, he died in 1882. (I’ve saved a copy of the above from the website just incase they delete it.:rolleyes: ) The movie Expelled is a hoax. They have fabricated a BIG FACT LIE by using Charles Darwin’s name and picture to promote their movie as noted above :mad: then condemn him in the movie. Such dishonesty at this level is criminal.

I stand behind my last two posting to this topic.



I find your comments difficult to follow. The least you could do is to allow Ben Stein some artistic wherewithall.
There is no university called Big Science.
Everyone knows Charles Darwin died 200 years ago. Everyone knows that Charles Darwin did not write this introductury piece to “Expelled”.
Charles Darwin’s picture and name was used very properly because he’s the one that came out with this ridiculous theory.

Actually I think what you have written is very funny. You should have been a comedian.

The persecution part is correct. I and another got it delivered right to us. It was a family therapy course, but they had to throw in the indoctrination (as if how bees are like people and other reasons we are not created specially by God had anything to do with mending families, but it was a Christian school which, like most, wanted to make false peace with atheistic and possibily paganistic naturalists). If you question what is commonly believed, then you must be uninformed or not thinking critically (I know it sounds like a double-standard, but this argument does not apply to those things formally declared as truth by the Church). That thinking helps people feel smart and guards their insecurity. Maybe many Christians are doing that, but so are many defending this theology masquerading as science.

God made the world and his Bible, unless interpreted by the Magisterium to not be literal (not in this case, has a formal declaration been made that rules out understanding Genesis literally on specific topics), has just as much a part to contribute to understanding how He made the world. You also have history, philosophy and what not. Science is beyond the Christian camp (though more in its favor), the atheist/neo-pagan camp, and those making false peace between major end-time nemeses. It’s a way to learn about how the world works.

People are frail and misuse things to make worldviews or mold things to fit their worldviews. Christianity did not do that. The Church had its scientists who did not care what the world thought. However, there were great pagans who did share the idea that the world was created intelligently and was young and they collected manuscripts and such from ancient civilizations. Mistakes can be made by the Church, as they were not defining or expounding formally on a dogma. As it is the Bride of Christ, it definitely does have a contribution to the knowledge of how God made it (even if the PAS doesn’t seem to utilize it, but monkey the worldview that assembles “evidence” in some way).

It seems, starting with with Vatican 2, many of the Church officials has tried to please everyone on anything not screwed down tight by the bolts of dogma (though Pope Benedict has been impressing me).  If we just stuck with the truth about the origins of man (as macro-evolution is pretty much derived from "evidence" gotten how Marian apparitions and bleeding statues get declared ok or worthy to be believed by their "evidence", but don't have to to be a good Catholic--the difference, we can sometimes still see happen what is not proved a hoax or incorrect, like Fatima's messages, its miracles or the spring dug by St./ Bernadette), we could possibly bring in the fundamentalist churches, whose hotheadedness could bring us another St. Paul in the future (the field was ripe), but we instead go to the UN (a Tower of Babel in the making) to try to get peace (when it's only through Christ) and also please those making another church that would be for the age-old nemesis of the Church as it was before that from whence it came, Judaism.  You're worried about Christians who don't know science (but use info. from those who do) confusing people, but miss those who do making a sanhedrin and abusing the laws of science against the people in an arrogant way because, hey, they're not scientists.  You're handing science to "the world" when it belongs to noone. 

Even Einstein realized religion and science had to work together to discover the truth. Theistic-evolution could be, but it seems that macro-evolution part has many holes in it (but we can’t argue with scientists…well, those who get the naturalist stamp of approval as a bona-fide scientist. I guess that quote from an evolutionist didn’t convince any of the “reasonable” Christian scientists. This quote from “Ghostbusters” likely won’t, but it’s funny and says so much.

Peter: "Are you, Alice, menstruating right now?"
Library administrator: "What has that got to do with it?"
Peter: “Back off, man. I’m a scientist.”

Maybe I should start my posts on this with “Duh…”, because I’m not a scientist. Maybe journalists covering science should also (except they will be stating the status quo or not questioning their sources). I think this all too familiar attitude from “big science” is what’s alienating and not some soon-to-be forgotten documentary. We’re tired of this attitude from Washington, the U.N. (and their “useful idiots” that write articles for newspapers and newsmagazines that praise them) and from scientists. This is why forums and talk-radio shows are becoming so big. I know it’s all low-brow foolishness, since caller-ins are not politicians, but it’s America.

God bless it! Great nations can make great mistakes, but it really is the best! You can have ideas from the left and from the right and the worst punishment you’ll probably get is a nasty remark. Some might take pictures in dangerous places and get watched, but the forums and talk-radio shows will still run (though I heard rumors of am getting phased-out, but that would also take out many liberal stations as well, so I can’t be sure that is to shut up conservative talk at little expense to left-wingers).

BTW South of Saint Louis, the Kolbe Center is having a free camp-out week for families. I could not find it on the website, but I will e-mail or PM (if that can be done) you the flyer if you PM me. There is limited space! There are N.O. Masses, so it’s not some SSPX or Grunerite conspiracy-fest.

You might find it confusing because it’s sarcasm. It was a comedic piece.

I’ve seen the movie and in the last few posts, people do seem quite confused. There is a difference between Darwinism and
Evolution. I don’t think any of the scientists in the movie knocked evolution. They knocked Darwinism. I also don’t think any of them suggested to stop looking at science or to stop looking for answers. And, btw, even Dawkins said there could be an intelligent designer. Ben asked him that question repeatedly because he was shocked. What Dawkins doesn’t believe is that the intelligent designer couldn’t possibly be God. He also mentioned that the intelligent designer probably would have had to have been made by another intelligent designer. Did people actually miss that? Maybe people walked out a little early like one guy did in our showing.:shrug: Anyways, except for the one scientists who gave a possibility of life being started on the back of crystals (btw, he never gave an explanation of where the crystals came from) not one of the scientists could prove how life started. So, how are they certain how it didn’t start? It’s really rather illogical. There’s far more proof that God exists than life starting on the backs of crystals but that’s completely ignored. Now since someone is sure to ask what that proof is, take a look at the many miracles (things that are absolutely contrary to science) but that still happen such as the sun dancing in the sky (seen by hundreds of thousands). Many of these happenings have been quite studied by scientists. Most start out to disprove and end up believing like the many scientists who have studied Juan Diego’s tilma. Many in the science community are just plain hypocritical. The completely exclude that God can’t exist because they can’t explain him. They ignore one quite credible hypothesis.

Now, for anyone who thinks ID = creationism, Adam and Eve weren’t mentioned at all. ID is quite compatible with evolution (not Darwinism because most things can not be compatible with poor science).

Hey Kansas is pretty darn awesome. We do have the 8th best education program in the US… it is the US, though… blech.

There are many that feel this way. And like you any other religion, it should not be foistered on the public. Perhaps when you get older and have children of your own you will understand the defense that parents have when people want to use the force of government to mold the mind of your child. Your use of the pseudo-word “pown” speaks volumes.

50 words or less?!:eek: I’m not sure I can do this but let me give it some thought.

Something that was noted in the movie is that there can be an evolving within a species. I don’t think too many scientists argue this. In other words, humans do adapt to their environment over time but we don’t go from ape to man which is what Darwin thought.

This is the way that I understand it also.

I like to use dogs as an explanation:
Wolves were supposed to be the original of the canines. We have little chiwawas and everything between them and wolves. Yet, they are all called dogs.

I don’t know if you are a snob in reality, but you sound like one.
Religious believers who don’t understand science are just like everyone else who don’t understand science.

Non-theist should have a smidgeon of an idea why religion is important to others. If not, why would they be non-theist.

Darwin never said this. You need to learn about the theory of descent with modification!

Why? Because I spell check my posts, or because I use four-syllable words? I’m sorry if either one offends you.

It’s a curious fact, and I don’t know what conclusion to draw from it, but most of the posts on Catholic Answers that are filled with embarrassing misspellings, grammatical catastrophes, and stylistic problems so serious that they obscure the author’s meaning, are posts by Creationists or IDers. Is this a mere coincidence, or might there be a causal connection?

Are you trying to say that Darwin didn’t believe that men descended from apes and that apes were the progenitors of man?

Try to investigate more than “Origin of the Species”. He unequivocally states that apes are the progenitors of man. These theories came about through his observation of “Jenny”. You might want to research her if you haven’t heard of her.

Darwin suggested that humans evolved in Africa from apes via natural selection. He, of course, was wrong or, at best, has never been proven to be right. In other words, scientists have yet to find proof of this theory.

I’d suggest reading the “Descent of Man and the Expression” and “The Expressions of Emotion in Man and Animals” to see where Darwin ended up.

Apes were not the progenitors of humans; rather Humans and apes descended from common ancestor. In the eight million years since the earliest ancestors of humans diverged from the apes, at least a dozen hominid species have lived on earth. Check out the fascinating Understanding Evolution web site:


I hate to tell the authors of Evolution 101 but they’ve got Darwin’s theory wrong. Remember, this is about Darwin, not Berkeley’s theories.

From Darwin’s Descent of Man pg. 181:

The Simiadae then branched off into two great stems, the New World and Old World monkeys; and from the latter, at a remote period, Man, the wonder and glory of the Universe, proceeded

But a naturalist would undoubtedly have ranked as an ape or a monkey, an ancient form which possessed many characters common to the Catarrhine and Platyrrhine monkeys, other characters in an intermediate condition, and some few, perhaps, distinct from those now found in either group. And as man from a genealogical point of view belongs to the Catarrhine or Old World stock, we must conclude, however much the conclusion may revolt our pride, that our early progenitors would have been properly thus designated

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