Movie Fatal Attraction & my scrupulosity

I saw this in the movies when it came out and really liked it. I also have been watching it on cable and found it in the video store for only $5.00 and snatched it up. Well, being scrupulous, I said to myself, let me check the USCCB rating for it. I am pretty sure in my mind it was not rated O and was shocked that it was. Now I don’t want to throw it away, and I do enjoy it and am a mature older woman, married, and not into emulating any actions in films.

I remember asking my confessor about O films and he said “do not throw them away, and it’s never a mortal sin to watch them” (I guess in my case).

What do you think? Have you seen the film? I thought Glenn Close was great in the film. I really want opinions.

I also bought Stir of Echos with Kevin Bacon and there was a sex scene in that one and it was rated AIII. Funny.

I own tons of horror films that are rated O and still haven’t watched them again.

Must I confess I saw FA and can I watch it again?


I think the “O” rating is for two reasons…1 the graphic sex scenes and then the theme of adultery.

I’ve seen it various times myself…the first time at the movies 20 + years ago. I used to like it…but now I don’t.

What I don’t like is that the Michael Douglas character is portrayed as the hero while Glenn Close is portrayed as the villain.

Michael Douglas does a few evil things. He cheats on his wife pretty easily, and doesn’t seem to feel too guilty about it until Glenn Close gets obsessive with him. Also, he just assumes that she will have an abortion, even though she does not want one. That is when he gets nervous…there is proof of his infidelity.

I think, bottom line, if you watch the film, maybe skip the love scenes, and keep in mind that the actions by both protagonists are evil.

Keep in mind that Michael Douglas shouldn’t be viewed as the hero…and that the ending was not a “good” ending.

I agree, I felt michael douglas’ character was just as guilty as glenn close’s character, but she had more of a mental problem. And to me the sex scenes are more funny than sexual -

FWIW, Concur with your confessor.

As a priest of my acquaintance, who used to write movie reviews for the diocesan weekly, once explained it: *O does not mean *Forbidden To Watch, *it means *Morally Offensive. *If you choose to watch a film so rated, expect your morals to be offended. (And if they are not, *that might be something you would want to take to your spiritual director or confessor)

“Save me a seat on the aisle” :thumbsup:

I can understand movies that have sex scenes as being morally offensive, but many of my movies are horror (not slashers) like The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, Good bad and ugly, eye of the needle, serpent and rainbow - they are rated O also.

I also believe many of the films that were rated O twenty or more years ago, should be re-rated as I believe more films today rated L or AIV are worse than the ones rated O all those years ago. Strange.

The sex scenes in this movie are morally offensive and way over the top. This movie should be NC-17 not R because of if. If you have to watch this movie watch it on regular tv which will edit out most of that stuff.

So no I don’t think you are being scrupulous over this movie. In fact I would destroy it if it were in my house.

If you were to make decisions based on USCCB movie ratings, then Brokeback Mountain would be a-okay. :rotfl:

I liked Fatal Attraction.

As long as you don’t take the movie as a recommendation to have extramarital affairs, you’ll be fine watching it.

I liked brokeback mountain. I saw it as a commentary on how the gay lifestyle is an empty one that can never lead you to the same happiness that a heterosexual marriage can.

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