Movie genre and lying

I’m currently making a small film where it is going to be a fictional film done in a documentary style. It chronicles this guy who doesn’t leave his house, nor sleeps and only interaction with anything is his cat and when he goes out only to work.

Now, I kind of would like this film to be thought of as real by people who don’t know me. I would like to have it labeled as a Documentary rather than a Drama.

Now, I play the character…so my friends and people who know me will know it is not real. However, for those who don’t know me that will see it…I want them to think it is about a real person. I plan to make a series of these films once every five years.

It would be lying to say the film is a documentary, but for the sake of art…is this okay or am I doing something immoral and sinful?

Yes, it would be lying to call such a film a documentary, because you are only playing a part. I would not consider that to be fair to your audience. You could make such a film and call it a “mockumentary”, as Rob Reiner did with “This Is Spinal Tap.” Everyone knew it was made up, but it was well-put together. Or call it docu-drama.

Be honest with your audience, as audiences are hard to fool in this day and age of the Internet. Please, don’t start your career with a lie. It is a sin to lie.

That aside, I think the idea of what that fictional person’s life would be like would make for an interesting piece of honest, well-done story-writing. Nothing is wrong with portraying fictional stories (I read and write them all the time). Good luck!

I agree, “docudrama” is appropriate.

However, “mocumentary” is not appropriate for Spinal Tap; Christopher Guest bristles at the term, because they are not mocking the rockers they portray. Apparently use of the term really bugs him.

Great movie, though. David St. Hubbins…named after the patron saint of quality footware. :rotfl:

Thank you.

I checked on the definition of docudrama and I would say that would not be appropriate either since it refers to dramatized real events. Docufiction would be the term used…or simply drama.

I appreciate the help.

I hope this goes well. It’s mostly going to be improvised, which may or may not work well.

just stay away from the found footage / shakeycam technique.

you might want to consider the kind of viral marketing used in Blair Witch, initially, people who wanted to believe it was real, believed it was real. The website didn’t discourage it.

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