MOVIE: "I am Legend" - anyone seen it?

I saw it today. There were references to God, His Plan, and Listening to His voice. What do you think?

Haven’t seen it. My parents have, though.

I listen to the review from LifeTeen and PluggedInOnline, too, and both (especially the former) were overwhelmingly positive.

From what I understand, Will Smith’s character is very much a savior-like character in the movie and it’s teeming with Christian allegory, even if unintentional.

I might want to see it eventually. Sorry I can’t discuss more in-depth.

I saw it two nights ago. I wouldn’t say that Will Smith is being compared to Christ in this. There is little mentioned about God except that a woman has faith and God told her about something (I won’t give it way)

I really liked the movie. Just because it was an interesting premise and well done.

By the way, they all die at the end. Just kidding lol. They may or may not.

I just got home from seeing it and I was actually about to start a thread on it! Haha. I noticed the same things, along with the theme of “light up the darkness.” For a brief moment you can see a rosary hanging from Anna’s rearview mirror as well. Good movie. :thumbsup:

I loved the movie also, but I got a little concerned about the morality of the way Will Smith handled himself in the final scene. (Dont wanna give anything away so Im keeping it vague)

Anyway, this movie was excellent I particularly enjoyed the first half, because it had such an erie feel to it, and Im a fan of these apocalyptic zombie/vampire infection movies so I give it a :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I saw it Saturday night and thought it was pretty good, except for the zombie people being all CGI effects. They didn’t quite look real to me.

However, I think Will Smith was excellent in the part as Neville in this adaption of the story. His interaction with the dog was touching and he made a convincing performance.

I remember the earlier versions also, the original was The Last Man on Earth (1964) with Vincent Price which was one of the better ones. The other was The Omega Man (1971) which starred Charlton Heston.

I saw it tonight, it was a good movie! Scary but good. It was nice seeing God play such a prominent role in a movie. Plus that woman who saved the main character is Catholic I’m pretty sure and was portrayed positively. She has a rosary hanging from her rearview mirror, is Hispanic, and it appeared that she was wearing a scapular. lol. :thumbsup:

No desire to see it, from what I have heard, about the only thing it has in common with the Novella is the title and that a dog dies. The main plot, the end, etc are nothing at all like what Matheson wrote. :mad:

I am here at the theater now.
I will give my opinion in a little while, I just finished watching the movie “awake” it was good.

So I hope this movie is at least as good.

Gota go it will start in a second.

Ive been thinking about seeing this. I havent read too much about it, but I thought its some sort of horror movie like resident evil or something.

This movie was good but not as good as “I - robot” and other will smith movies.

There is to much wasted time in the movie with will smith just woundering around.

However will smith did a great job acting wich by itself will mak this movie worth watching. But I don’t think your gona want to buy the dvd when it comes out.

Here is my number one problem with it… I left the theater wishing I had more information!!!
I want to know more about the zombies…more about there leader…the movie ends before they solve the problem…so what happens next???

I like will smith…but this movie don’t give to much info…and I hate that.

It is not resident evil only because I don’t think the movie is supposed to scare you…there is some action, but I would not put this movie in the horror section.

Just watched “I am Legend” for the 2nd time (First when it was released). The Bluray disk has an alternate ending which IMO was better then the original. Although it still doesn’t give anymore insight into his family or the virus itself.
And the Blu-ray version is currently $19 now. its widescreen version for $14 on sale. seems a good chance to buy.

The book was much better, one of my favorites of survival horror.

The movie should have been called something else, as it isn’t anything like the book :\

I bought the 2-disc Special Edition DVD. Here are my thoughts on the two endings.


I have reservations about both endings, but much more so with the “alternate” ending.

The theatrical ending has Neville kill some of the “zombies” he was trying to save (along with himself) to protect the cure.

But the alternate ending, to me, basically says that the zombies don’t need saving. Sorry, but I don’t agree with that.

When I watch the film again, I’ll probably watch the original theatrical version.

Three words: It. Was. Horrible.

We watched it Saturday night. The plot was intriguing, the pace of the movie incredibly slow. When they got to the 90 minute mark it was like they ran out of time/money, so it just ended. It was refreshing to see the family pray together.

good movie. better than its predecessors (this is the 4th time this book has been made into a movie). i know with charleton heston dying to say this might be blasphemy but it is better than omega man (made from the same book).

the book is waaaaaaaay better though. very different idea and different reasoning for why he is “legend”. i highly recommend the read.

That ending was the original ending of the book and btw they are NOT ZOMBIES . They’re vampires. Zombies eat brains Vampires like blood and can only come out at night. The actually book of * I am Legend*, there are two kinds of vampires. The stupid ones and the one’s that are still self aware. These vampires don’t view Neville as savior but as a monster, a “legend” of sorts of the last remaining man who can walk in the day light. They don’t want to be cured because they don’t think they’re sick. They think neville is the sick one. He’s like a boogeyman killing their kind while they sleep.So in the end, they kill Neville because he is like a serial killer to them.

In the book, Neville commits suicide rather than face execution.

– Mark L. Chance.

I enjoyed it…but the “Last Man on Earth” and “The Omega Man” with Charlton Heston, had some better plot twists than this version.

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