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So you may know that I asked for an opinion for writing a book a couple of hours ago. But these ideas kept coming and I remembered 'glorify god in all you do. So I thought- why not fiction?
Many people have a bad notion about christian themed entertainment do I thought we should be able to change that.
please tell me which of the following plots you think will be a good heartwarming movie or at the least a decent screenplay

1- movie in the 1960’s after the ‘sexual revolution’ kicks off. Focusing on the relationship between war veteran Christian father and Christian raised son who subsequently gets pulled into the ‘free love’ thing. If you agree could you share your experiences with Changes in Christianity during 1968 specifically?

2- angel comes as a human and tries to influence an anti theist that Christianity isn’t about denying science and hating homosexuals. By the time the man realizes who the angel is he will also realize that the angel has indirectly brought him away from the seven sins. it will also reflect the conflict between the angel and gay protesting churches. In the end I thought maybe he could say a prayer that burns up all the ‘god hates fags’ signs and he walks away like a dude. Too lame? (Please know that this is only viable if it doesn’t break the ‘do not make graven images’ commandment)

3- a small girl born without one or two senses. Through hardships like bullying gets pulled towards god by an older brother or someone. With her other senses, she gets to experience the maximum glory of god (obviously not maximum. I just put it there)

What do you think? I’m sticking with writing fiction for now but when I get the resources I might tackle these (and other) plots.

PS- Would it be sin if one made a video game about a christian who affiliates with saint Paul? St Paul would preach non violence but this man would believe that those who persecutes Christians should die, hence breaking him off from the saint. He would witness the deaths of paul and peter and would roam around Greece and anatolia recruiting people who’ve lost loved christians, to his cause, culminating in the roman revolt of 70 ad after which he accepts pauls teaching of non violence

Know what you’re thinking. Yes I know how video games are made. No I can’t program. This is just a vague idea out of the back of my head. I’m not really going to make it.

Back to the question. Would it be sin to make st paul playable for a mission or two in which he evangelizes?

Develop your ideas more. More details. Write an outline.

However, do not do it where someone can steal your ideas. Find a trusted individual or group and run it by them. Also, when you have a developed idea, write it down and mail it to yourself. Then do not open the envelope but write the name of the project and put it in a box or a safe. This is an inexpensive way to prove you originated the idea if someone ever steals your idea. The unopened envelope with a postmarked date holds up in the courts as evidence.

I don’t think it would be sinful for him to evangelize.

I really think you need to develop the stories a little more before presenting them to people to judge, but I will try. Of the three vague story outlines that you presented to us, I would say that the 2nd one with the angel would be the best. You said you want to try and get rid of the notion that already exists around Christian movies, but I do not see how you could ever do that when you have an angel converting atheists and turning it into a movie how Christians do not reject science. I think the movie “God’s Not Dead” tried to do this exact thing where a student shows how Christianity and science are compatible but the reviews from the movie only strengthened the notion that Christian movies already had.

Personally, I think that if you wish to change the notion of Christian movies, you should do it like they did in the movie “Michael”. The movie did have the angel drinking and having a cigarette and whatnot but the movie was a good one with good reviews and was still Christian, just not in your face reading Bible scripture and converting people type of Christian movie.

Ive always thought a great movie would be the second coming, they could start out in modern times, before it happens, follow a certain number/ variety of people along their daily lives, and then when Jesus returns, continue to follow them, show what happens, how they feel with all that has gone on, questioning their own lives, beliefs, etc.

The closest thing I can think of a similar movie already out is ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, surprised me that in the end, Good won over evil, with King, I kind of expected the opposite, but really this movie was not about the second coming, more like a rapture like event and focused more on Satans plan, but it still showed how a small group of people fought and beat the devil.

I think a movie like this would be very successful for a wide range of people, some may just want to see all the CGI that would most likely be used, some would see it simply because they are religious though.

Who else agrees with me on this?

I think number 1 is the most interesting but like any good story about a time period, accuracy matters. I saw it all and have become aware of what was happening behind the scenes. I know how Hollywood scripts are done and have written a few movie treatments. As far as I am concerned, 1968 was the turning point, especially for the Church. In the end, you are going to have to put together a compelling treatment, find an agent and wait. If you get a call from a Hollywood studio saying they want to develop your treatment into a script then you’ll have to turn in a very good script. You’ll need a lawyer if they send you a contract. Hollywood English and Normal English are two different things. If they want a rewrite, you’ll have to do a rewrite focusing on what they want. Then you’ll have to do a third draft. By that time, pre-production discussions begin at the movie studio. Finally, after sitting down and determining a budget, you’ll have to write a fourth draft that incorporates any “refinements” the producer wants. This is called a “polish.”

Then you wait. Even if it goes into production immediately, it will be at least a year or two before it gets shown. I wouldn’t go into too much detail about your ideas on the internet. Anybody could use them.


Also you might search for some playwriting or screenplay writing contests, as well as some independent film festivals. I believe there are some Christian film festivals…wondering if there are any Catholic film festivals or programs. I’m not saying avoid Hollywood but keep your options open.

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