MOVIE: Leap Year

I heard this movie was lame? True? I wanted something to see with my teenage daughter daughter tomorrow…

Don’t know but have heard The YOUNG VICTORIA is good. Got good reviews too.

It is lame because:
No sex
No nudity
No violence
No swearing
No graphic images
No Graphics
It’s sweet
It’s gentle
It’s a true fairy tale romance
It’s has real life delimas
The characters are not beautiful
Evil did not win
Money was not everthing

I liked it, I guess I am a Big Lame Geek

This is JUST what I wanted to hear! I wondered if those saying it was lame did so because of the reasons you listed?! Thanks so much!!! :thumbsup:

I read a truly dreadful review, but it’s just rated PG, it’s set in Ireland and stars Amy Adams, who is adorable. I was thinking of taking my very sweet, almost-still-newlywed daughter (25) to see this.

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