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I was having a discussion with the hubby today, & this topic came up in conversation. Many years ago while watching tv, I came across a movie (I don’t know the title or actors), & it still is very vivid in my mind. I think the events of the film depicted WW2. I do not know if the film was based on real events or fictional. I think it took place in a convent/monastery or church. A scene’d come up where there were Nazis who’d come in & taken over, seized a young sister & had forcibly removed her habit. It looked as if the soldiers there were preparing to violate her, & the priest tried to defend her. He was promptly seized & struck hard across the face. For a moment, he looked as if he might strike back, but he composed himself & turned the other cheek…catching his persecutors off-guard…

  1. My question is this: have you ever given any thought as to the sacrament of Confirmation & how it applies in your life? I was listening to Brant Pitre’s talk on the Sacrament of Confirmation, & it was awesome. He called it the sacrament of evangelization & martyrdom. We hear lots about the New Evangelization, & we all know somewhere deep inside that we are called to evangelize, but how about the martyrdom part? What are your thoughts on martyrdom? If called to do the ultimate sacrifice, how do you think you’d handle it?

  2. On the off-chance that anyone remembers, please name the movie in question above - if anyone has a clue… :smiley: Thanks. I say this only as an aside. It’s mainly question one that I am curious about…


I do think often about the effects of Confirmation, but not generally with regards to physical martyrdom. I figure that—living in the United States in the 21st century—the chance I will encounter an opportunity for physical martyrdom is fairly low. However, the opportunities for “white martyrdom” and evangelization abound. And Confirmation is a great source of grace for that.

I always tell people that the distinction between Baptism and Confirmation is that Baptism brings us in (to the family of God) and Confirmation sends us out (to evangelize the rest of the world). I try to remind myself of that as often as I can. It’s the only way I can possibly stay on point and work towards spreading the Gospel.


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