Movie: Lourdes (2009)

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I searched the forum, and didn’t find any similar thread.

Has anyone watched this movie?


Not yet…Is this the trailer?

Haven’t seen it but the old version I have and can very much can relate to the overview, we get too caught up into our “WORTHYNESS” of what we should experience, and those less fortunate get all of these great things happening to them, causes frustration with those that are devout. It’s pride that prevents us from receiving the special graces and gifts, regardless of what position you are in and out of the church. Jesus talked about being like one of these little children for a reason, … they don’t have pride at all…

@goforgoal: Yes, I believe that is the trailer.

Now, I’m curious what older version do you have?

Lourdes (2001)

Our Lady of Lourdes (2007)

Is Lourdes (2009) availabe in English subtitles?

Closer to the 1940’s aera, the actress, her smile and disposition, I just felt so endeared to her, I’m sure some lucky man married her back in the day, she was just glowing and very beautiful, character wise, the story how it played out, kind of sad when it comes down to it throughout it, even saw before she left for the convent, meeting a guy along the way that she knew, “obviously interested in her”, telling her that he’s going to live out the rest of his days caring for his mother and not take a wife “reading into it that since he can’t have her, he has no hope in this area”, more sad there as well., so kind of on my perspective, felt at least with the presentation that she was kind of pushed away into it, then to find in the end, her tragic death and suffering in the process. That, and how they treated her in the convent and the sister that was jealous because our blessed Mother appeared to her, like the sister felt she deserved it more so “talk about pride”, and have to relate to this myself, having experienced a ton, and started to share with a local priest, only to seriously feel that same kind of tension between us.

It’s a good version, and like Our lady of Fatima, compared to the 13th day, probably better then the modern versions, but I’ll know once I see them.

I’ll ask my dear friend who loaned it to me the details so I can forward onto you guys here.

There is no older version of this film. This is not about Bernadette Soubirous. It is about a disabled woman’s pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The film will have subtiltles. But it will probably be have a limited release, so we have to wait for the DVD.

I believe the movie you are thinking about is “The Song of Bernadette” (1943)

3:43 is the part you’re (most likely) thinking about in the video

I apologize if I’m wrong about this

KevinAK- I thought ProdigalSon12 saw an older version of the movie “Lourdes” but thank you for the information.

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