Movie: Man From Earth

I’m sorry that I wasted time and money in watching this.

The dialogue was terribly stilted, the acting mediocre, and worst of all, the “centerpiece” of the plot (i.e., the “dramatic revelation” scene) seems designed to mock Christians in general and Catholics in particular. The portrayal of a (Catholic) Christian as (at best) a bit silly, and (at worst) irrational and unstable, was quite insulting.

Faithful Christians, Catholics or otherwise: please don’t waste your money (or precious moments of your life) on this.

Hopefully if our priests don’t do something stupid like have another scandal, we may finally be free of anti-Catholicism in our great grandchildren’s lifetimes.

Anti-Catholicism was rampant long before this scandal, and I doubt that it will be disappearing anytime soon.

Have a look:

Sarcasm isn’t funny if I have to explain it.

Ok, sorry, I didn’t pick up on it :shrug:

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