Movie: Mary the Mother of Christ (2013)

Anyone hear any other scoop about the upcoming movie Mary the Mother of Christ (2013). I know it stars Al Pacino as Herod and is written by the same guy that wrote The Passion of the Christ. Looks like it’s about Mary’s life from ages 8-27 and is supposed to be for all ages.

I haven’t heard of this movie.I assume you mean Mel Gibson is producing it? If he pays as much attention to factual detail as he did in the Passion of the Christ,it should be worth seeing:)

Hmmm. Should be interesting.

I suppose Mel Gibsom did indeed pay a lot of attention to detail in the Passion of Christ except for one very important detail which was very noticeable to me because I was waiting for it to happen. He never included the cock crowing after Peter’s denial. It would have made it a much more poignant scene had he done so.

2 Cor 13:13
Eddy Barry

The blurb at the link mentions nothing about Gibson. Benedict Fitzgerald, who wrote the script for Passion, is writing along with Barbara Nicolosi, whose movie blog “Church of the Masses” I have enjoyed in the past.

Al Pacino is a great actor. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely go to see this one. I am sure it will cause a stir in the MSM and some evangelicals will be unhappy about the focus On the Blessed Virgin, but it should give lots of food for thought to many.

More info on the film:

With Joel Osteen as executive producer, I have no interest in seeing this.

Hmm… yeah. This info gives me pause as well. But I’d wait until it’s (free) on cable anyway.


Thanks for mentioning this. Def seems promising.
I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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