Movie: "Messages From Heaven"

It came out in 2000. I’m not sure if a thread had been started or not on this. I tried doing a search and came up with a thread for the Simpsons! :thumbsup: Could there be a correlation?? :wink:

Anyway, I have an Evangelical friend who is so worried about me being Catholic that she really believed the “Gospel” truth about the movie. I only did a quick Google search and based my impression on the website. She was telling me that the Gospel dispells Mary as Queen of Heaven and that I could be damned for praying to a false idol… :shrug:

She has just recently been “saved” and her zeal and her love for Jesus is very contageous. I find that my job is to steer her in the right direction. I have purchased a bunch of cds from John Martignoni and have been listening to them faithfully. I need to battle this battle on her turf right?

So, she is telling me about this movie and just how eye opening it was about all the falsehoods of the Catholic faith. Does this mean I have to watch the movie, write down all the scripture passages used against Mary to battle her with more scripture verses??

She has a copy of John’s recording about Mary. I haven’t asked her if she has listened to it yet. I may need to push that on her.

I know that I have Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Mary on my side. And I know that I need to fight this battle, because I’ve asked for it! You know the line: “put people in my path and the words in my mouth”… I feel like I need more back up.


There is a thread on this movie which I replied to a while back, I have this movie which was given to me by a Protestant Pastor.

A few months ago he stopped by my shop to leave off a laptop for me to fix and attack the Catholic faith. Eventually after he accused Catholics of worshipping Mary, I asked him to describe Catholic worship. Once he couldn’t he then backpedaled and tried to change the subject, then he claimed knew but forgot, then went out the door. He hasn’t been back since, so I now have a laptop that I am pretty sure he wont come back for. I haven’t heard from him since.

The moral of the story is to learn your faith, study those CD’s from John Martignoni and get some more ammo. If you know a little bit about your faith and pray beforehand for the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will always refute arguements against the faith.

Unfortunately I have never found a non-catholic who comes back after being proved wrong as the ones I know do not want to know truth. They want everyone to be wrong and wallow in it.

Feel free to PM me if you would like some material to answer Protestantism.
Here is a link to a review

God Bless

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