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Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this movie because of the specific scenes where it is sacrilegious to our faith, how God is portrayed as a strange writer, although I get this is supposed to be an allegory and it would be difficult to portray God or Mother Nature in any sense but I just felt like Darren was more concerned about his beliefs with the environment and he wanted to make something that would get people’s attention. Bad press is still press, kinda thing. So it’s definitely offensive but the irony is that is point he trying to make about the world we live in.
Not only are we terrible to the planet, but the violence going on between the people on it is out of control. I wish he cut out the part with what he refers to as Jesus because that would have, for me made this a film people should take note of. But with that in there it really ruins it for me.
I would be interested to know everyone’s thoughts on this controversial film whether you have seen it or just read it in my review.

Pax Christi!
The opening scene is a shot of a woman in flames then cuts to Javier Bardem’s character which is listed in the credits as “Him” so obviously he is supposed to be a God-like figure, placing a small crystal into a stand which then causes this charred house to be magically restored. We then see as the bedroom is restored the sheet raise up and a woman is there (Jennifer Lawrence) who is listed in the credits as mother. She turns over and says “Baby…” obviously crying out for her husband, Javier Bardem’s character. Jennifer Lawrence is basically Mother Earth and she is obsessed with their house, painting it, even saying “I want to make it a paradise…”.
Only problem is you can tell her husband who we are told is a writer is suffering from writers block. But then a strange man appears at their door and recognizes Javier for who he is and even though he gets under Jennifer’s skin with his smoking gets sick and we see Javier holding the man over the toilet and the man has a wound in his side, where God took a rib from Adam and made Eve.
Cause believe it or not the next day his wife, played by Michelle Pfieffer shows up. She plays Eve as both a woman and the snake that was in the garden. Since both her and her husband were warned not to touch the crystal in Javier’s office where no one is allowed to go, before you can say “forbidden fruit” they break it. This upsets Javier greatly but while he is cooling off, the couple’s two sons show up.
Just like you would think one kills the other since they are supposed to be Cain and Abel and Javier comes in and marks Cain on the forehead for killing his brother.
Things really pick up from here and go overboard and Darren, the director, takes it too far. There starts to appear a mob of people at their house and Javier welcomes them while Jennifer (now pregnant) wishes they would leave. And more and more show up because Javier’s writers block has ended and he wrote something and somehow everyone knows.


But the guests while there to see him are disrespecting the house and worshipping false idols, and violence breaks out and Jennifer can’t take it these people are destroying her house, but she goes into labor.
She gets rescued by her husband from this literal chaos and they make it to his office where it is eerily silent. She delivers the baby, it’s a boy, and she tells Javier to tell them all to go. But when he leaves he comes back and says “they gave us gifts”. DING DING DING is the director trying to say Jesus was born from Mother Earth? WHAT?
Jennifer asks him again to tell them to go and he said he won’t so when he asks to hold his baby she says no. And they stare at each other and then she awakens to find he took her arms empty and that Javier has taken the baby to the people.
Well Jennifer freaks out because the people are holding the baby up and the baby is peeing and suddenly you hear a snap and you see the baby’s head go back (a very grotesque way of doing what I can only guess is the cruxifiction).
Jennifer finally reaches the front and asks for her baby but then sees people eating flesh and they are eating her baby (an even more grotesque mockery of the Eucharist).
Well she loses it and falls down and screams and the floor beneath her breaks and she starts stabbing people, but they overpower her and kick and punch her in the face and it’s brutal but her husband reaches her and yells out to the crowd “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What are you doing?” Then he looks at Jennifer and says “Oh my love I’m here” but she tells him that he killed her baby and that everyone needs to go. But he says "I know, they just wanted to see him and then…but we have to forgive them. We have to forgive them."
Well Jennifer has had enough and gets up calls everyone a muderer and gets the lighter the man who was the first visitor was using and heads down to the basement.
She finds a barrel of oil and she pushes the knob so it spills out and that’s when Javier finds her and pleads with her not to do it, but she screams “I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING, AND IT WAS NEVER ENOUGH” and she lights the lighter and drops it which blows up the house leaving us seeing her in flames as we saw the woman in flames at the beginning. Then we see Javier untouched by the flames carrying a burned Jennifer and she looks up at him and says “Who are you?” And he replies “I AM I”. Then she goes on to apologize for not being enough for him and he says “I create, that’s what I do and I’ll create again, but first I need something from you.” She looks at him and says “But I have nothing left”. And he says she still has love and puts his hands on her chest and asks if he can have it. Which from the beginning we see that her “actual” heart is in the walls of the house so she has no real heart so when he reaches in her chest he pulls out a small crystal like the one from the beginning. When Javier then places this where the old one was the house slowly room by room restores itself and we see the bedroom become restored and the sheet on the bed rise up and their is a woman laying there and when she turns over it’s not Jennifer but someone else who says “Baby…” and roll credits.


Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.
Here is the CNS review:


I heard about this film two days ago.

I read about what it’s supposed to be about yesterday.

Not gonna see it.

One of the reviews said that it was an allegory for Mother Earth and how humans ruined it.

I think it sounds like pretentious on top of gruesome.


Thanks for posting the review.


I don’t waste my time with stuff like this.


Yes – thanks for the review. Not a movie I’d go for.


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