Movie: "Oh God"

Has anyone seen the movie “Oh God” starring John Denver? I thought it was a pretty good movie.:thumbsup:

It was the best of the three! George Burns was very convincing.

I love the end where John Denver’s character asks if they can ever just chat. George Burns’ character replies: “Tell you what, you talk, and I’ll listen.” It is so very true.

One of my ol’ time favorite movies.

I haven’t seen it in a very long time. I think my kids were pretty little when it was released and one of them is 30 now. I loved George Burns anyway, and I was a John Denver fan too…at least a fan of John Denver’s music.

The best of the three?:confused:

There were three ‘Oh God’ movies - the sequels were not as good as the original.

Are they worth watching?

They were cutesy movies - the best things about them was George Burns as God He was in his 80’s when he made the movies. The first one was the best and worth watching for sure.

Yep…they’re worth watching…especially the first one, like everyone else says…I haven’t seen these in over 20 years…
George Burns was great for the part of God…

I remember it! My father and I watched it years ago together. :thumbsup::slight_smile:

The best scene in the film was when John Denver demanded proof that Burns was really God and it started raining inside the car because it was a nice day and “He” didn’t want to ruin the nice day for everyone else by making it rain outside.

I read a critique that God isn’t like the George Burns character. But it seems to me that God [or His messengers or Mary] can appear to us in any “format” that He wants for us to perceive Him as. It could be a visual image, or a sound or just a feeling. Of course, there is a lot of potential for abuse by people who have visual or auditory hallucinations or just want to create mischief. [Or people who are simply delusional but convincing.]

Seems to me that Father Benedict Groeschel wrote a book about “private revelations” … Possibly the book is “A Small Still Voice”.

God is INFINITE. And I am an amoeba. There is no way that I can imagine what the Nature of God really is; I can guess, but my guesses will have all the sophistication of an amoeba trying to operate a computer keyboard.

But, Jesus DID have His tavern ministry and all the bar flies knew exactly who Jesus was and although Jesus was and is Infinite, He chose to let us speak to Him one on one right there where everyone knew He would be after work. Of course we could visit Him at any time at the carpentry shop or when He was out and about in town.

So, yeah, I kind of liked the George Burns movie.

I enjoyed it. I should rent it or something, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

I also really enjoyed Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of God in Bruce Almighty.

I love that movie!

Enjoyed the original film as well, haven’t seen it years either. I’ve seen the sequels maybe once or twice. They are titled, “Oh God! Book II” and “Oh God! You Devil” respectively. I don’t recall too much about the second one but the third one I remember because Burns plays both God and the devil as sort of opposites, if I recall correctly. It was for comedic effect but that film was probably the poorest of the three.

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