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Hi! I’m 18 and I’ve been trying to stay as sin free as possible for the last 4 years! My past before that was very sinful, I fell into lust, and other bad habits. Ever since then I try and stay away from all of that. But, I love movies, I understand sex scenes are moral sins. But are making out scenes sinful to watch as well? I have tried to stay away from movies that have a lot of lust in them but I never know where the line is. i don’t want to go back to the place where I was in my life all of those years ago. I don’t watch the movie for the sake of kissing/sex but for the actual movie.

Also could I watch a movie knowing there is a sex scene but skip it? And what if I see a tiny bit of it while skipping through the scene?

It is a very long road to Calvary. It is good you have begun the walk.

Give up watching films with anything that puts your chastity in jeopardy unless absolutely necessary. You will know your own limits… For most people - almost all people - this involves anything with “revealing” images. Some romantic scenes are fine for most well-adjusted people, but it should still be done with some caution - and yes, the whole point of “making out” is itself to create the illusion of sexual activity and therefore itself will quickly become grave sin (which can be entered into virtually - by watching, imagining yourself in the same situation, etc.). You could try to skip such things, but why risk it? Is it really worth it for the film? Maybe sometimes, but probably not most times. And don’t let your mind fool itself into making excuses “just to take a look” in the future - this is the easier path, the one that goes away from Calvary. It is a very pleasant walk, but it ends in shame rather than glory.

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I personally try to skip even make out scenes as much as possible because I find that, like Kapp19 said, it’s just too easy for me to imagine myself in the scene kissing the girl and then before I know it I’m feeling more lustful than I was before watching the movie. One thing I could suggest–try to start checking out old movies. A lot of young people are into old movies. I myself started watching them when I was around 19 years old. With some exceptions here and there, most of them are far less lustful then today’s films. There is no profanity, at least in films prior to about 1965 or so, no nudity, no sex scenes. Sure some of them have a lot of sexiness in them but I’ve found many films to watch that are devoid of all of that. It just takes some hunting. Check out Casablanca, The Best Years of Our Lives, Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis and tons of others. They might take some getting used to because films were different in those days. But it will be worth it for your faith!

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One thing that I like to do is look at the movie reviews on the US Bishops website., then “media” then “movie reviews”. The views have a classification as to whether the movie is acceptable (for children, adolescents, adults, or for no one) and then what objectionable actions are in the movie (sex, language, violence, etc) This could help you avoid those movies that would be an occasion of sin for you. They list modern movies and older movies as well.


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