Movie reccomendation?

I very rarely watch movies, much less tv these days, most tend to be rather flat, or the messages, quite distorted and not entertaining at all. I’m a tough critic in this area I guess. I’d like to know from you movie buffs, do you have any you recommend watching as a couple, that would be entertaining for both party’s? Something with a Catholic theme would be nice, and it doesn’t have to be something that just hit the box office recently.

Any input, I would be grateful for.

Fireproof, Second Hand Lions, Bella, Shadowlands, New In Town, and The 13th Day which will be available this month. It’s the story of Fatima.

Hope to see Where The Wild Things Are. Any of the animations are good…Toy Story, Osmosis Jones, Ice Age etc.

“(500) Days of Summer.” Still playing in first-run theatres. It’s a quirky independent comedy about a guy getting over a breakup. Very original, very unpredictable…it’s got a “pro-marriage” message. It is PG-13 for some intermittent suggestive content.

**What makes it suitable for couples? **There are very specific male-perspective and female-perspective elements to the movie. Can’t say any more without spoiling it.

I would bet money you’ll see “(500) Days of Summer” among the Best Picture nominees come Oscar time in March. It’s that good. And, yes, definitely recommended moreso for a couple to see together because of its storyline.


Return To Me, Bella, The Count of Monte Christo

The Flowers of St. Francis
Mon Oncle

Batman Begins

Other posters mentioning animated films reminds me of what a great movie Up is. It made me laugh & cry. It would be great for couples, especially those young-at heart. If you are not feeling young-at-heart, go rent Up. It will make you feel that way!

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