Movie recommendation, great film with Catholic subplot

We just saw this delightful movie called In Heaven as it is on Earth . This movie is in Polish, with subtitles. It takes place in a Eastern Polish town and the pivotal character is the parish priest, who is strict but wise. He is extremely influential in the village. He gives very elaborate and exacting penances to sinners, and requires them to call in their penances on his answering machine to prove that they have carried them out.

There is his talented young organist, and a Russian young woman who ends up in the village seeking economic opportunity. There are Russian mobsters, a fat police chief, who is attempting to pin them with certain crimes. There are other delightful characters.

There’s a lot of homespun wisdom in the movie, some references to sex with a very brief glimpse of one young woman’s breasts that is appropriate to the plot, which does have some very tame adult themes in it.

The movie won several awards and is available on Netflix.

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