Movie Recommendations?

It’s hard to find worthwhile movies I can watch with my(teenage) kids.
Any recommendations? We’ve pretty much seen all the classics & newer films are generally problematic if you’re trying to avoid nudity, etc.
Last good movie we rented from Netflix was"James Goes To Jerusalem." Very good Israeli film.Also enjoyed “The Chorus”(French film.)
Sure appreciate any recommendations for our Netflix list.Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you consider “objectionable material”, but I just saw “Quo Vadis” which is a great film. It deals with the early Christian church under the reign of the Roman emperor Nero. It was made in the 1950’s and has the same look and feel as “Ben-Hur”. Maybe people already know about it, but it was new to me and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks! It was a great movie & worth watching again. Thanks for the suggestion!:slight_smile:

Hmm…there are alot of worthwhile movies out there, one’s that I enjoyed that aren’t “classics” and aren’t that bad(lanuage, nudity, violence) are Good Night and Good Luck, The American President, Remember The Titans, Miracle, Charlie Wilson’s War(it’s rated R but isn’t that bad), W, As Good as it Gets, Philadelphia, Walk The Line, I’m Not There.

Try some documentaries. Is there a particular band that you like? Perhaps they have a documentary. I have always really enjoyed the two major Bob Dylan ones.

Catholic Movies:
Going My Way
Bells of St. Mary’s
The Scarlet and the Black
Claire and Francis
The Nun’s Story
The Mission
The Robe
The Agony and the Exstacy
Shoes of the Fisherman
The Song of Bernadette
Mother Teresa
A Man for all Seasons
Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Staircase

any of the Road To… movies
Roman Holiday
White Christmas
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Holiday Inn
North by Northwest
Gone with the Wind
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Rear Window
Dial M for Murder
Singing in the Rain
Sound of Music
The King and I
State Fair
Shindler’s List
Some Like it Hot
How to Marry a Millionaire
To Kill a Mockingbird
Dr. Strangelove
Desk Set
The African Queen
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Shawshank Redemption
12 Angry Men
That Thing You Do
Ben Huhr
10 Commandments
Stage Door
Bringing Up Baby
The Harvey Girls
Summer Stock
Mr. Holland’s Opus

That’s short list… I will come up with more!

Well, I don’t have quit as many suggestions;) I LOVE the music in “The Chorus”:thumbsup: Another great movie is “Life is Beautiful” (Italian with subtitles). Are your kids boys or girls? That could have allot to do with what movies they’d enjoy:D

PatienceAndLove, you made some really good secular recommendations (I’m not familiar with the Catholic ones), especially all of the Hitchcock films.

Edit: “Life Is Beautiful”, as mentioned above, is another good one.

I was raised on movies that were made before the 80s, so I have a lot more where that came from! I figured what I had listed was a good start!

I wanted to add Trouble With Angels. Great movie, and I love the ending (yay vocations!)! Well, and the “scathingly brilliant ideas!”

Oh yeah, I forgot about a lot of the inspirational sports movies made in recent years:
*]Remeber the Titans
*]Glory Road
*]We are Marshal
*]Friday Night Lights (this is a little more adult)

Teenage kids? This is a random suggestion, but only because I just watched it yesterday: If they are older teenagers, what about Stand By Me? The language is edgy in spots, but its a genuine classic, and you sort of have to be a teenager to appreciate it. Its odd in the sense that there is no resolution, but its just a good movie.

Not that its the best movie around, just a good one.

Home Alone is always a good kids movie. As is See Spot Run.

Home Alone?? Really??
I felt my intelligence being insulted when I saw it the first time- and I was 6! And the OP is looking for movies for her teenagers.

I second Stand By Me

My 13 yr old just bought the series and loves them.

I would add Juno and On Golden Pond. Great list of movies below!

“Walk The Line” was great. Thanks!

Do you know what the “R” rating is for other than language?

I would echo a lot of the suggestions already mentioned. Would especially mention Bella, which PatienceAndLove mentioned. It is a wonderful film made by Catholic artists who refuse to make innapropriate movies anymore. It won the People’s Choice at the Toronto film festival & has a wonderful pro-life message. I think the website is if you want to check out the actors or the story. It came out 1 or 2 years ago. The interviews I’ve seen with the lead actor, Eduardo Verastuega (sp.?) are amazing.

A Walk To Remember is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. It is a great tear jerker with a strong Christian heroine played by Mandy Moore. Also, if you have daughters, you might try Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightley. My daughter saw a disgusting movie at a sleepover when she was 12. It really bothered her. I showed her P&P to kind of counter-act that filth, & it worked. Now she loves Jane Austen! Good luck. I really sympathize with you, because I know it can be really hard. Keep up the good work!

I don’t believe its for anything other than the language. There’s no nudity, no sex (and only two references to it, each about twenty seconds long), and no actual violence.

I say its for older teenagers (like older 15 year olds and up) because you have to be of a certain age to “get” the movie. A fourteen year old could probably handle the language, but would also be bored to death.

Thanks so much!
I’ll try & get it from Netflix. Appreciate all the other posters’ suggestions, too!

I have thought of a few more films that did not think of before…

Apollo 13
The Count of Monte Christo (with Jim Caviezel)
Cinderella Man

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