Movie review: Aquaman


“What’s greater than a king?” he wonders. “A hero,” she says plainly. “A king fights for his own, but a hero fights for everyone.”



Sounds like Jesus!



Well, that might be a stretch.



LOL - I was not comparing Aquaman to Jesus. I was appling the quote to Jesus.

Jesus is/was more than just King of the Jews. He came and died for everyone!



Looks like there’s a bit of humor, at least the ads are kinda funny.



It’s trying to get away from the whole ‘dark and gritty’ tone of the DCEU which hasn’t worked out for it so far. Ironically, Aquaman in his comic book form is a hero with a massive number of tragedies, let’s see, parents involved in a relationship that cannot work (due to their different backgrounds), his son is killed slowly in front of him, he is forced watch as his own hand is eaten, tortured, loses his other hand at one point just after he regains the one he lost. Also, they’ve tried to combine the older look of the character with more modern takes on him. A surprising success and it may at least in part kill the image of the character as a ‘man who talks to fishes’.

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