movie review: Dogma

What do you guys think of this movie?? I thought it was ok

I liked it.

Entertaining enough, theologically it was completely wrong, in almost every respect, but, entertaining to a point.

That said I dont think you’ll be on the forums very long given your coincidental choice of name after yesterdays events.

I actually liked it but turned over a quarter way through regardless, it was just too disrespectful of God… Im sure they had a point but the way the “Angels” were speaking about God was uncomfortable for me.

Same here, it was very disrespectful, I usually cannot watch it all the way through.

To me, it was more theologically dangerous. There was enough correct stuff, or correct sounding things to make someone who does not know any better think they were correct.

Yes, it was at times blasphomous. Always irreverant. And I laughed my head off. I hate to say it, but Buddy Christ had me rolling in the isles. thank God the “spirit of Vatican II but not the words of VII” era is over.

It was stupid and ridiculous. Catholic bashing at it’s best.

So… just because it makes fun of catholics doesn’t mean it is bad.

Actually it does. And it makes fun of God. Also when you’re banned this time round please don’t return, unless you have intelligent conversation.

When it was released to theaters I didn’t go see it because it is a “religious movie” and I was atheist at the time.

I finally watched it a few weeks ago on HBO. Thought it had its funny parts, though, not the most well done film I have seen, in terms of film making. Two stars from this arm chair critic.

LDNCatholic. I found out why you are ignorant… Its because you are British!

I’m not actually British. I just live here.

What ‘‘ignorant’’ statements did I make?

You have to admit the “buddy Christ” thing was hilarious - and sadly, very realistic to those of us who grew up in the '60’s & '70’s!

i don’t get it:(

Yes you do ‘‘guitarstrings’’ You two were here last night causing trouble.

School must be out.

Oh no, the mx guy apparently has ‘‘a PhD in medicine’’

I know. I want to tie down my old CCD teacher and make her look Buddy Christ in the eyes.

must have been my cousin, i think u sould leard to read

Coming from you, who obviously has trouble with spelling, punctuation, and grammar, this advice is not worth very much at all.

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