MOVIE: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I FINALLY got around to seeing it last night. I was horribly disappointed. I don’t know how well it did in the movie theater but I’m glad I didn’t go pay to see it.

It bored me to tears.

It also offended my star wars sensibilities. :smiley: I mean come on, that one girl is a padwan learner yet she could take on the evil chick w/ the double light saber?!?! :rolleyes:

I didn’t bother going to see this after the disappointing prequel trilogy. I don’t know what happened to George Lucas, but his movies have gone from iconic to just terrible. Examples: Jar-Jar Binks, the midichlorians being responsible for the Force, terrible casting choices for Anakin Skywalker, a pointless plot for Episode I (the only relevant part regarding the plot arc was getting Palpatine to become Chancellor and Anakin to be a Padawan?), ridiculous names for the villains (Count Dooku? Really?), droids talking like they are 3 year old toddlers, terrible dialog (well, the original trilogy also had some cheesy dialog). I could go on and on how he butchered Star Wars. :frowning: It’s like he created the new movies with merchandising for kiddies exclusively in mind.

So there was no way I was going to go to the theater and pay to see more prequels (animated now!). I also think he really blew it with the new Indiana Jones movie. I fell asleep in the theater during part of that movie.

Personally I loved the clone wars movie. Then again I’m not a die hard star wars fan.

My son loved it, but my husband and I were disappointed. It caters to the younger set, for sure. I also was disgusted with Ziro the Hutt. Yuck.

Wow, very Catholic discussion:D

Seriously though, I only care for the original trilogy. Never cared for all this tie in stuff

Saw the plot outline for the Clone Wars movie, and it left something to be desired. I have seen some of the Clone Wars series that’s on Cartoon Network at 8 PM, Fridays, and it’s better. When the Season One DVDs come out, I’ll get them.

I just saw it last week for the first time as well. II was impressed by the animation, but underwhelmed by the plot. So bland! Just because it’s geared towards a younger audience, does not mean it has to be boring.

It just solidified the fact that anything anything related to the franchise post-Episode I is inherently disappointing.

However, I did think the Huttlet was cute. He looked and sounded like my friend’s Pug.

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