Movie suggestions

[LEFT]I am looking for a new release that is pretty good.

Obviously something that doesn’t have obscene adult content. I tend to watch a movie a week for my leisure time and i have seen so many lately that i just don’t know what is good anymore.

Any suggestions on something new that is pretty good?

We rented Bridge to Teribethia (sp) - can’t remember anything in it that would be found offensive.

Fracture was very good. It had an implied sex scene, nothing was shown though. Very mild for an R rating. It’s a great mystery though.
The Prestige is a great film.

Second that!

Children of Men

The Island

It is hard to give suggestions when I don’t know what type of movie you like.

My favorite ones can be your worst. :smiley:

I believe Miss Potter would be perfect.

I second Fracture… I really enjoyed it!

I loved the movie “Breach”.

I just bought Miss Potter. The video rental place didn’t carry it, so I had to buy it without seeing it first. I haven’t watched it yet, but I hope it’s good. I love Ewan McGregor, so my hopes are high.

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