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My 19 yr. old daughter came back home, on break from college & brought a movie to watch at our house, with our 16 yr. olds (son, Stepdaughter). My question is this: Does anyone know about the movie, “Supernatural”? My wife & I were very concerned about it, and so we stopped it near the beginning & told the kids we had to review it first. As practicing Catholics, we don’t want to introduce anything to our household, which will compromise our convictions, especially to our younger ones. (Looking for a sincere Catholic perspective on this movie).


I usually go to this website if, for nothing else, a capsule of what to expect in the movie (language, violence, nudity, etc.)

The only movie they had listed titled “Supernatural” was a 1933 movie with Carole Lombard. I’m assuming this is NOT the movie your daughter brought home.

I think there is another website called (or something like that). It’s not Catholic, but I usually cross-check with the USCCB website and get an idea of what I’ll let my son see. But if any doubt, I’ll watch it first.

Sorry I don’t have any first-hand info on the movie!


Here's a secular summary. Seems sketchy... and here's a parent review. Not in regards to religion, they just say it's violent and not for kids

I would say to approach movies that depict demons, etc with caution. They can make you think they're more powerful than they actually are.


Omg I love Supernatural! It’s a tv series though on the CW, not a movie. I think this is the 3rd or 4th season? The two brothers are so fun to watch, they’re so protective of each other! Unfortunately, the show appears to be going down the same path as X-Files…fun and interesting in the beginning…and then going downhill and becoming drenched in a dramatic plot line. Except instead of tailspinning into a dramatic plot of alien conspiracy, it goes into a battle of angels vs. demons, heaven vs. hell, etc.

The two brothers Sam and Dean were basically raised as ‘hunters’, those that hunt supernatural forces that hurt innocent people. They battle ghosts, folk lore creatures, big foot, lake monsters, etc. There’s lots of sarcasm and the dialogue is usually pretty funny.

They started after their mother was killed by a demon, their father raises them as hunters to eventually hunt the demon down. There’s this whole plot though revolving around Sam and how the demons want him for something. It was pretty good but it starting to be akin to the last few seasons of X-Files.

The first couple of seasons are just fun to watch. I wouldn’t let kids or young teens watch, but 16 to me would be plenty old enough. -shrug- It’s mostly about the two brothers and their interactions as they kick monster-butt, but as I said, this season is all drama and boring me. Blah.


I just started watching that! I was about 9 episodes into it when my older sister started getting on my case about this show. At first I shrugged it off, thinking that she had no idea of what the show’s like. But then I started to worry the maybe I was just justifying myself. So I decided to jump on the internet and view some Catholic reviews.

Now, I can see both sides to this and am conflicted… On one hand, it is a bit desensitizing to demons. Its pretty gory and has lots of violence and death. It also depicts some angels in a bad light.
But on the other hand, it is a TV show for entertainment. Its not as if I believe any of it. And if that’s going to affect my faith, then so will mythology, fiction, and action movies and books. Its no different. I also have three very dear very good Catholic friends who watch it, so I am inclined to believe it’s good.

I also find it full of symbolism and hidden messages, whether intentional or not. Like how they are seeking their father, who commanded them to follow in his footsteps , fighting demons and saving people, and how without him they are confused and ignorant. Sound familiar? It is what our Heavenly Father commands us to do daily, right now!

So I am going to keep watching. If it becomes too contradictory to my beliefs, I will post about it! :slight_smile:


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