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I recently saw M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” and all I can say is what a grisly disappointment. I own “The Village” and “Signs” and IMO both of those films where excellent in that they reflected M. Night’s ability to make scary thrilling movies without the use of senseless violence… not in The Happening though. In this latest film of his, I actually had to cover my eyes for pretty much all of the scary parts because of how disturbing and grisly they where. I was also having a hard time following/understanding what the plot of the film was, though near the end it because more obvious to me. At any rate, those are just my :twocents: … your comments are welcome.

Pax Christi,

I haven’t seen this one yet, but I love many of his other movies. The two of his movies I own are also “Signs” and “The Villiage.” :slight_smile:

When I heard them advertising this movie as “M. Night Shyamalan’s first R-rated movie!”, I wondered what the difference would be. Now I know. I’ll probably still see it eventually, but I’ll definitely wait until it comes out on video.

The whole movie was just bad. It seemed the violence was just poitless. The acting, the story, the directing was all just awful. I thought he couldn’t sink any lower after Lady in the Water, but this was rock bottom.
To watch his first three movie, The Sixth Sence, Unbreakable, and Signs, you see a truely gifted director and storyteller. The Village was good, but not nearly like his previous movies. Lady in the Water was just plain silly, and The Happening was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. What happened to this guy?

This movie was absolutely awful; well in an environmental way.

Spoiler Alert

The premise is that humanity is polluting the earth by just being here. The plants are revolting against the humans. The earth would be a better place without all these humans. M. Night has definitely drunk the koolade of the environmentalist wacko! Save you money on this movie and go see Kung Fu Panda or the Hulk instead.

This was seriously one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen.

Spoiler Alert:

I don’t think I’ver ever seen a movie with two kids getting their heads blown off from a shotgun like that. There were many distubring scenes but that one really did not belong in it as it wasn’t even relevant to the plot.

Spoiler Warning:

The Happening might seem really bad at first viewing. It’s not really about the planet hating humans. It’s about the ultimate mystery of nature, how natural events might happen that have drastic consequences for humans. When a meteorite hits the earth, it’s not because it “hates” earthlings. When fire-ants bite you, it’s not because they “hate” you.

The violence was a bit extreme, I agree.

Is this movie following in the wake of last year’s disgustingly violent horror movies (e.g. Saw, Hills Have Eyes, Final Destination)?

I wanted to see it, but not if it has that gory violence. I can’t stand movies like that. I saw Hills Have Eyes on a whim with friends and it messed me up for quite awhile.

Don’t forget Wide Awake. :thumbsup:


It’s not that gory. It’s not a slasher film.

Signs is an awesome movie - one of my favorites. I heard The Happening was “not happening!”


Interestingly, I read the USCCB’s full review article on this film and by the sounds of it they really weren’t too hard on it. I figured that it would at least get an O for Morally Offensive or even and L for Limited Audience but instead it wound up with an A-III… oh well, I sure hope M. Night cleans up his act and starts producing films with the same quality as his first ones.

Pax Domini,

It’s that bad and worse in my opinion since spoiler

In my opinion suicides are always worse to see than murders and the movie involves a series of graphic suicides as that is what the toxin makes people do.

No, it’s not that gory, but I honestly would not waste my money on it. It really one of the worst, most pointless movies to come along in a while.
If I were the critics at the USCCB I would have rated it O for being mind numbingly dumb.

yeah, i read the spoiler and i had a hard time reading it, I mean it was pretty graphic in text!

Love the director, but this one is one I’m personally skipping. :slight_smile:


No, it’s not that gory, but I honestly would not waste my money on it.

I strongly disagree. I think there where plenty of parts that where, if not gory and grisly, where down right disturbing…


…Like when a man is caught on video feeding himself to a pack of lions, or when a group of people in a jeep drive into a town with people hanging from nooses off of trees, or when a couple of teenagers get shot point blank in the chest and in the head (and yes you get to see it) with a shotgun, or when a woman stabs herself in the neck with her hair pin, or when construction workers hurl themselves off of a construction site and you get to see they’re mangled corpses, or when a group of people are running down a grassy field and one of them turns on a lawn mowing machine and… well, need I say more??

Without question The Happening is a sick and disturbing movie which I would never recommend to any Christian or anyone period. The kind of imagery in it should not be seen by people. What I mentioned above doesn’t cover all the bad scenes either, there where plenty more.

Dominus Vobiscum,

Oh it is violent, but I was answering someones question on whether it was on the same gore level as saw or hostel, which no, it was not.
I don’t like gore in movies, but it’s not something that really bothers me. I’ve never been bothered by blood, prehaps because I was practically raised in a hospital. But I found the violence in this movie to be very lame. Like he wanted to be the “edgy” director and just threw some blood in for kicks.

Definitely his worst. I hate the whole “nihilistic” slant. There’s no solution offered for the problem of evil and the senseless violence. It also misunderstood science talking about “proof” and “just a theory.” We’ve gone through that in our creation-evolution discussions. And he had to throw in the typical “crazy Christian lady” as many Hollywood films do. I liked Sixth Sense and Signs (which had a positive religious slant if I remember with Mel Gibson).

The Nothing Happened :rolleyes: I give 1.5 stars out of five. Ebert liked it, he seems to like everything these days.

Phil P

It’s bad movie, I like The Sixth sense much better

Despite the personal connection I have with the movie ( the cafe/restaurant in the movie is actually a place called the G-lodge, which is located less than a mile from my dad’s house, where most of my childhood years took place. ) I will not see this movie. If anyone doesn’t believe me about the cafe, I will be happy to send an article from my dad’s local paper via email. Anyway from what you all described, it sounds not worth it. ( I can’t afford to go anyway )

Really, you all don’t think it was that good? I was planning on taking a friend of mine to see it. She and I both like scary movies. Are any others that are out like this but considered better?

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