Movie: The Last Summit

Soon a new film THE LAST SUMMIT will be the released, a documentary about Pablo Dominguez, a priest from Madrid, Spain who died in an accident in February 2009 as he was descending a mountain called Moncayo. He was fortytwo.

Today in the media it’s not easy to find anything positive about catholic priests. In contrast, there is a large volume of information, often very exhaustive and detailed, about priests who give a bad example. We know almost everything about them, thanks to the work done by many journalists, script-writers and film directors.

THE LAST SUMMIT shows a kind of priest that no one talks about these days: the generous, cheerful, helpful and humble priest. Priests that serve God while serving others. Pablo is no more and no less that a good priest.

After having seen how THE LAST SUMMIT has moved the many who’ve watched, both Christians and Non-Christian’s alike, we invite you to watch the film and to share it with friends and acquaintances.

If you want to find out more about the film (where to watch it, reviews, etc) visit the website:

I just watched the movie, and is truly amazing!..

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