Movie--"The Man Who Invented Christmas"


Pretty good secular Christmas movie— hubby and I saw it today. It is about Charles Dickens and how he came about writing “A Christmas Carol”. Now Hubby and I really like “A Christmas Carol”. We watch practically every version of it that airs around Christmas time except I don’t care for the cartoon/animated ones at all. I didn’t know if I’d like this movie but it really was good. The actor who played Dickens (Dan Stevens who played Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey) was really good.


I saw the preview of the movie, but I and my kids enjoy as you do, "A Christmas Carol’ all of them but must admit the one with Alastair Sim is my favorite. We get the eggnog out and enjoy the movie. My girls want to see "The Man who Invented Christmas " and we will, , for anythingg written by Charles Dickens is worth seeing or reading. May you and yours have a Blessed Christmas and may the Christ Child bring you much joy.:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


It was very well done and I think gave insight into his past, his present when he wrote it and how it all came about. Good movie.


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